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I. Love. This. Workout.
The very first time I tried this workout a few years back, I instantly fell in love with it. In fact, it was one of the very posts on this blog. So, imagine my delight when a new studio opened on the west side in a great new location! (It was a lot of delight!) And to make things even better, this studio has the next generation of equipment. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you what I’m so excited about.


MegaBurn Fitness is a Lagree Method studio featuring the second generation Megaformer M3S – Ellie and Carolynn’s favorite model of his machines because they are extremely versatile and joint-friendly.

Imagine, if you will, a machine which has its roots from a Pilates reformer but has evolved into so much more. It has been beefed up, spread out, and re-engineered over and over to create a completely new, and ever-evolving fitness method which will get you sweating in the first 30 seconds. The ultimate goal – failure – for your muscles at least. You will work your core, along with the rest of your body, gain flexibility and balance, and blast through calories, all in one streamlined workout with restorative and rehabilitative properties.


The machine has springs under the platform that provide assistance or resistance depending on which end of the machine you’re working from and whether you’re pushing or pulling. Think you’ve got a move down? Flip to the back of the machine and oh. my. goodness.

It’s like riding a mini fitness roller coaster – challenging your balance and strength, and working your flexibility and endurance all at once.

Carolynn & Ellie both trained together at another studio and immediately loved one another’s classes and passion for the workout. They both ended up leaving the studio where they taught and stayed in touch, discussing their ideas for creating a community and what their ideal Megaformer studio would look like. Eventually, their dreams and discussions turned into action and MegaBurn Fitness was created. They opened this studio to create an inclusive, empowering, and uplifting fitness community.


“We both believe in this workout because it’s so intense, but adaptable to various fitness levels. We love watching clients build strength, rehab old injuries, and build confidence. Our goal is to help our clients become the strongest, healthiest versions of themselves. We love this method, our machines, and this community. We move from a place of gratitude daily.”


So basically:

This full-body resisted and assisted workout on a juiced up machine is not only super fun and unique, but it will kick. your. booty! It’s gentle on your joints, but tough on your muscles.

Work it:

This is a full body workout. You can choose between full body burn and abs & arms classes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…

This class is generally mostly women, but men definitely can and do attend!


This workout is pretty awesome for accommodating injury. Just be sure to let your instructor know about any injuries you have before class.

Gear up:

You will wear grippy socks on the Megaformer machine for sanitary and safety reasons. If you have some, wear them! If you don’t, you can choose from several different styles for purchase at the studio. Wear clothes that are comfortable and safe – you will be on a platform that moves on a track. Also, keep your hair contained.

Get into it:

Call, email, or book online for your initial session

MegaBurn Fitness

1874 NW 188th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97006

Other Resources:

Legree Method Website

Pearl District
Try “Pyrolates” at Firebrand Sports in the Pearl District, PDX

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