A Fitness Oasis for the New Mom | ClubSport Oregon

I typically don’t write about “big box” gyms. However, recently I was invited to visit ClubSport Oregon to see how they can help new Moms, such as myself, reach their fitness goals. I have had this gym on my radar for quite some time for their AirFit Studio (But that’s a topic for another post). So, i was excited to check them out and see everything else they had to offer. Apparently, that is EVERYTHING! (Also, a topic for an entire other post.) But let’s just start with why new moms will LOVE this gym.

When I first arrived, it felt like any other large gym from the outside. But, that feeling ended with the parking lot. Outside the front doors was a fresh market with organic fruits and vegetables. Inside, I was greeted immediately by a front desk staff member who helped me find my contact. After a quick first-timer check-in on a slick tablet, I was given a tour of their top-notch facility.

After my tour we dropped my mini fitness buddy off at Child’s World and I was off for my personalized training session. Afterwards, I was treated to a delicious healthy meal from their restaurant which I enjoyed outside, poolside next to the cabana.

If I wanted to, I could have also hit the salon or gotten a massage on my way out.

We started by doing a body analysis on the InBody machine which gave us a baseline of my body composition from which we could set some goals. To my delight it suggested exactly what I had already determined to be my goals — lose a teensy bit more body fat and get my muscle back. Utilizing that information we discussed what I wanted to work on that day and in the long term to get to my goal post-baby body.

Breast feeding, walking, and healthy eating has taken care of most of my “baby weight”, so my focus right now is to work on getting back the lean muscle (particularly in the bootay region) that I lost because baby needed protein and I wasn’t consuming enough due to a lack of appetite in the third trimester (eat your protein mama’s!). So, my trainer Antje tailored my workout around my glutes, posterior chain, and the back muscles that I’ve been working on for the last year or so to correct malfunctions from untreated self-inflicted whiplash.

Most importantly for the new mama, they have child care. Correction, they have great child care! Their child care area is nicer than my actual daycare. And, it’s included in the membership price. Additionally, all their childcare staff have had background checks and are CPR and first-air certified. There is an infant room with an attached nursing room (awesome!), and a “mover” room, then the older kids are split up by age group and get to do crafts and other age-appropriate activities. When I dropped off MiniNinja I was given a hook and bag for his things, and his last feed, change, and other information was written on a white board so all the caregivers knew what he would need, when. He was taken out of his car seat and played with while I was gone, and there was a live video feed in the hallway where I could check-in on him if I wanted to. When I got back, I knew when he had been changed and fed last. Also notable, each child and parent are given numbered tags. If you don’t have your numbered tag (or ID) you cannot take the child. Even if you are with the Membership Director. I appreciate the extra security.

ClubSport’s performance training center, The Edge, is a crossfit-box-like space containing more free weights, some specific machines, rowers, lifting racks, and a large section of astroturf for hard-driving classes and fitness programs. This is also where we had our training session. It’s a great dedicated space for your higher intensity workout without having to carve out a corner in the regular workout area.

Two, sparkling, UV-sanitized pools are also featured here. Inside, in their junior Olympic lap pool, you can swim laps or take low-impact water classes for adults and children as young as 6 months. Outdoors, enjoy a resort-style pool, water slide and zero depth entrance for the littles. A separate pool is available for potty-trained children as well as an on-duty lifeguard. Guests can also enjoy snacks and items from the cabana in between splashing sessions.



When you’re done working on your new mom-bod, you can also take advantage of these other sure-to-be-loved-by-moms-amenities.
Hair and nail Salon
Massage therapy
Multiple groupX rooms with 125 classes per week
Rock wall for the adventurous Mom
Free Valet Parking during busy hours (Awesome!)
Parent’s getaway nights (for parent’s of older children)
and more…

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ve probably surmised that I’m not a “gym membership” kind of gal. I prefer to leave my options open and drop in to whatever kind of class tickles my fancy that day/week/month. BUT, if I lived near ClubSport Oregon, I would buy a membership. Which, by the way, is actually pretty well priced, especially considering ALL the things this facility has to offer.


18120 SW Lower Boones Ferry Road, Tigard, OR 97224
(503) 968-4500

In California? Try these other ClubSport Locations

Comment here! I love to hear from funky fit folks!

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