Studio Feature | StarCycle | Lake Oswego

There is something about a spin class. Something about pushing through, jamming out, digging in, and getting it done that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Another Saturday morning fitness adventure for myself and my new little fitness buddy was about to be underway. This particular weekend we were checking out StarCycle, in Lake Oswego, OR — a 45 minute, full-body, inspirational indoor cycling experience utilizing music and choreography.

Lights lowered and candles flickering, we started our ride. Immediately I was into the music. You could see the instructor was grooving too. She had a great presence — commanding, but positive and upbeat. We tested our stamina with speed, and our strength with taps, and then added arms with choreographed pushups on the handlebars in specific positions to the rhythm of the music — leaning to the left and to the right, as a group. We also added light weights for some sculpting. I definitely felt those pushups for a few days afterwards!

The simultaneous bobs and weaves of the class oozed energy as my legs remembered that they haven’t done this in a while. At the pinnacle of the experience we were all invited “to church” as we climbed our way to cyclical euphoria.

Once finished, we dismounted the bikes and gave our bodies a much needed stretching with bits of yoga dabbled in to complete the soulful morning. A great ride, I was all smiles for the rest of the day. I packed up MiniNinja from the in-studio daycare and we were off — a little more sweaty and soulful than whence we came.

I’m super stoked that there is this caliber of spin class in “my corner(s)” of Portland. i.e. Not in the middle of the city. With the parking and the crazy streets. They even have a studio in Vancouver, WA. Yea!

Our foundersStar cycle was founded by Erin Moone and Dionne Del Carlo, two women with a love of fitness, yoga, and powerful spin classes. Their individual passions came together to create a studio where they could share the classes they want to take.


459 Second Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
(We’re located between A & B Avenues)
Phone: 503.303.4498

Reserve Now

11835 NW Cedar Falls Drive, Suite 125
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: 503.430.7337

Reserve Now

3215 SE 192ND AVE, #100
Vancouver, WA 98683
Phone: 360.859.3422

Reserve Now

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