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Whether you love, hate (that’s right), or have never heard of TRX or kettlebells, here’s something new to try. I will be bringing you a full review once my little co-trainer is born. Until then, here is a great outline of TRX/Kettlebell Bootcamp at Portland team fitness by trainer Rhi Clark.

Two of the most effective tools of the fitness industry are also unfortunately two of the most over-looked and often incorrectly used tools in the fitness industry. We’re talking about the TRX and the kettlebell. A lot of people shrink away from even touching the kettlebell after their first experiences with them left them in pain, either in the knees, hips or shoulders. Many people know what the TRX is but don’t know how to effectively use it. Enter: TRX/Kettlebell Bootcamp at Portland Team Fitness.


Our instructor, Rhi Clark PT, is extensively trained and competent in the practices of both of these mysterious tools and will be able to provide safe and easy instruction on proper form and use of the tools. Throughout the course of the program, participants will learn how to correctly swing the kettlebell to minimize pain and optimize power as well as how to correctly use the TRX Suspension Trainer.


Already know how to swing? Great! That’s just the beginning! We will be learning various techniques with both the kettlebell and the TRX, some separately and some together, but we have to start somewhere. Both of these tools complement each other in such a way that you’ll leave each class with a total body workout with complete core engagement with enhanced mental and bodily awareness, leaving you with all the endorphins you need and none of the pain that you don’t. Check it out today to see what you’ve been missing!

Get into it

TRX/Kettlebell Bootcamp
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