5 ways to not suck at keeping resolutions

It’s all in your head. It really is. If you want to make your goals, you have keep your head in it. It’s that simple. Right, OK. But how to do that.

Step one: Make your goals actionable.
Your goals need to be specific and include an action or steps for you to follow. If your goal is “lose weight”, HOW are you going to accomplish this. Instead of stating the end result, try making your goal more of an action plan. Like, “make good food choices, join a gym, and go to the gym at least 3 days a week.”

Step two: Hold yourself accountable.
– State out loud to your friends and coworkers that you have this goal. If you know that other people know you have this goal, you are more likely to hold yourself to it.
– Be “that” person who brags about their accomplishments on social media. Seriously, go for it. You earned it. Your real friends will care. I promise.
– Choose a healthy reward for reaching your goal, or mini goals in between. Try Earndit.com

Step three: Find some motivation.
– Involve your friends. Having someone else involved means you can’t back out so easily. Plus, it makes it more fun.
– Join a group with similar interests and goals either through a club or online. Try Earndit.com
– Find an app for that. For weight loss and fitness goals, my favorite apps are Gympact and Lose it.
– Get new gear! New stuff always makes a new project more fun. New workout clothes. New cute closet organizers. New work clothes. Whatever your goal, gear up for a fresh start. Try ViewSport.

Step four: Change your mindset.
You absolutely cannot be something different by continuing to do the same things. Whatever your goal, it will require a lifestyle change and a new attitude. Do not think of this as something temporary. You are changing your life for good! Get excited, settle in and enjoy the ride.

Step five: Know that you cannot fail.
If you drop the ball do not tell yourself that you have failed. You have not failed unless you give up. Just pick up from where you left off and keep on chugging. If you’re losing steam, refer to steps one through four.

There you have it. Five ways to not suck at making and keeping your goals. These are tried and true, all you have to do is do it. Good luck!

If your goal this year is to get fit, here’s a little piece of my favorite motivation. Viewsport Shirts with hidden messages that show up when you sweat! Their latest addition is the Do It/Don’t Quit tank. Also available in a long-sleeve performance top. Both, recently added to my collection of ViewSport tops that I love.

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Comment below! What are your goals this year? How have you planned to get there?
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5 responses to “5 ways to not suck at keeping resolutions

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  2. I am one year behind on reading this but I must say these are great tips for anyone looking for success with their fitness goals. Well thought out. Well stated!

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