Fitmob | The newest Multi-gym membership option in Portland

The newest trend in gym memberships seems to be services that offer access to multiple studios through one membership. Most recently I received an email to try out fitmob, a startup based in San Francisco, that is launching their Passport service in Portland today.

Fitmob_iconPassport is a pretty ambitious move to help fitness enthusiasts consolidate all of their memberships into one ‘all-you-can-sweat’ Passport that gives you access to the top studios and gyms all around Portland (fitmob is in 5 other markets across the US right now, too). Passport is $99 a month but as a special promotion starting December 26th (2014), you will be able to get your first month for $1.

fitmob’s goal is to give people the freedom to get fit the way that works for them. With Passport you can take a spin class one day, yoga the next, and boxing after that all for one flat monthly rate, and all through the fitmob app.

screen1136x1136So how does it work? First, go to or download the app for iOS or Android, put in your zip code and an email to sign up. Once you are signed up, fitmob will show you all the studios or gyms they are working with in your neighborhood, and when they have workouts scheduled. Then it is as easy as picking a workout and reserving your spot! When you show up someone with a phone will ask you to confirm your fitmob login. Using fitmob is the fitness equivalent of something like grubhub, you open the app, look for what you want, and just select whichever option looks best to you. The app couldn’t be any easier to use. It is a super convenient way to find a great workout nearby and saves you a lot of time.

Unlike other services out there, fitmob also includes an overview of all of its classes, and users are asked to review a studio / class after they have participated. This is a godsend for anyone who has booked a class and ended up way in over their head. With fitmob, if a class catches your eye you can look and see the difficulty level of the class, if any of your friends have taken the class, and if you need to bring anything (like your own yoga mat or if you should dress for the outdoors). User reviews are a really handy way to learn a little more about what you should expect, or if a trainer’s style will work for you, so you don’t end up with any unnecessary surprises. It’s this kind of user curation that fitmob believes sets it apart, and helps the company build a community of fitness enthusiasts they refer to as ‘mobbers.’


Right now fitmob is working with 18 different studios around Portland including popular favorites like Studio Blue, FireBrand, Hot Yoga for Life and Crossfit Portland. If you are someone who likes to try a bit of everything Passport is perfect for you. You can go from one class or studio to another, and all you will ever need is a Passport membership and the fitmob app to explore all the great workouts around you. Being a fitness enthusiast can get expensive pretty quickly when you start racking up different memberships or even just drop-in fees — with Passport you can try a bit (or a lot) of everything each month for just $99, and its not just limited to studios, gyms and personal trainers will also be available through fitmob soon.

fitmob’s Passport has just gone live in Portland today, but I’ll be using it to test studios around town and give you a full review once I have had some time to try it out more for myself.

17 responses to “Fitmob | The newest Multi-gym membership option in Portland

  1. I tried signing up but the only option was to give my credit card for $99. Then I get to see the studios/classes? I might be willing to do that for $1 but I don’t see that option anywhere. No “help” or “contact” for them either. Any info on how to take advantage of this would be helpful.

  2. i just signed up tonight- was able to get the 1st month for $1. i think only select classes are available for each gym to fitmob members- i assume they do this out of respect for those people who are specific members for that certain gym. makes sense. there seem to be enough variety of classes to keep someone happy, though crossfit (which is what i am into) is a little slim to choose from.

  3. Have you had issues with limitations on the number of visits you can make at a particular studio/gym? FYI – they’re wait listing folks now

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