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Dirty-Girl-Race-2013-MomThis is a special guest post by my mom, Jan Leek.
A “Little old lady from Pasadena” style gal who’s mind thinks she’s still 35 even though her body tries to tells her otherwise, (but she’s not listening) who once worked out to lose weight but now keys her fitness goals more to building stamina and being strong and agile enough to keep up with her grandchildren, occasional Ninjarina challenges, and enjoy exploring the out-of-doors (and sometimes mud runs).

Earlier this summer Ninjarina invited me to go try out Adapt Training in Beaverton, Oregon, specifically their T-Fit or Therapy Fitness Class.

As it turns out, I was looking for a new gym experience that was more than just the weight training experience I had been doing for the past couple of years and was quickly becoming bored of. But, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to take — what I thought would be — a step backwards to Therapy Fitness doing floor exercises. I thought, “How boring is that?” Come to find out, the T-Fitness classes are not only floor exercises, they also incorporate a small amount of what they call an Integration Workout into the session. So, after you warm up and stretch those muscles and loosen those joints, (to increase range of motion and structural strength) in just a few short sessions you’re off to their “adult-sized jungle gym” where one gets to summon their inner-child and run up stairs, through bars, over bars, crawl or jump on platforms… you know, all that wonderful stuff we did on the play ground as kids, back when we were easily agile.

I can’t wait until I graduate from T-Fit into the full Integration class! But for now, I am still challenged working on agility, balance, self confidence and inner core strength. (Besides, I’ve seen what those Integration Classes are doing! I think I’m not quite ready stamina wise for that, but my inner child is calling!)

This is where Adapt is different from most gyms and why it attracts me. Their philosophy from the founder right through their physical therapist and trainers is to assist us “to a return to the fully functioning durable machine we remember as children”. This boils down to restoring our natural agility and balance while building our physical strength and athletic abilities. The trainers believe in this and are always reminding us that if it hurts stop, and they will modify the exercise to prevent exasperating an injury. They are interested in where you want to be and, as important, HOW you get there.

Let’s look at my progression.

As I said earlier, I’m coming off several years of strictly doing light to moderate weight and resistance training, so I thought this T-Therapy thing would be a step backwards. I observed first — the class was on the floor doing downward dogs and frogs and inch worms and cobras, “How hard can that be”, I thought to myself. But, soon they were off doing stork walks and bear crawls on the floor and up over-sized stairs and across parallel bars. So, I joined in on the next class. I found that those floor exercises though easy to do were a workout for the muscles and joints but more importantly, I was not hurting for days afterwards and I could tell each time I returned that I was making progression in my range of motion and agility. And that play yard stuff? I found difficult at first, but every session I progressed in my abilities to conquer them. It’s still work, but the challenge is the fun part!

Jumping In

How does one do when they jump into an ongoing class like this?  I introduced myself to the trainer and let him know it was my first class and as he called out the name of each exercise to the class he also describes the motions and then wandered my way and gave me pointers as to proper technique and so on. It took me about 4 or 5 classes to remember the names of the exercises, but no worries, if you forget you either look to see what everyone else is doing or you look up with a puzzled look and he’ll repeat the name and description. I’m a little bit of a slow learner and don’t physically multiplex well, but that’s OK here. You go at your own speed, and if it takes a bit to engage brain to body you do what you can, no one is watching… we’re all self engaged in getting the job done. And don’t worry about whether you will fit in, the class as long tall and short square people. And folks of all ages and abilities.

In my third week Ninjarina invited me to go to Yoga in the Park. Yoga has never been my cup of tea but, I thought I would test my progress and give it a try. Though I was not graceful nor fluid in my motions (more like a floundering fish out of water) I had more flexibility to attempt most of the poses and actually knew what some of them were, thanks to my T-Fit classes.

The whole package

Never fear you intrepid go-fast go-hard types. Adapt also has a full range of conditioning and exercise classes. Their offerings range from the therapeutic classes right up through extreme high athletic performance training. They also periodically run “warrior” and “boot camp – fat burning” clinics.


Knowledgeable: Check

Client centered and goal orientated: Check. offerings are on multiple levels and goal orientation from wounded birdie to warrior.

Facilities inviting and has adequate equipment: at first glance if you have only experienced plush gyms with row after row of machines you go, “hmmmm,” but, once you understand the philosophy of using your own body as the weights the equipment offerings bring on a whole new world of possibilities. AND there is no waiting on equipment! So check.

Facility hours: Somewhat more restrictive than the mass appeal gyms (No 24-7 here), but the days are lengthy enough you should be able to get that workout in during the 12 hour week days they are open. (and a few hours Saturday mornings)

Ready to leave your gym jungle and experience this jungle gym? Check Adapt out at I think you’ll like it.

They also currently have a special on Groupon for a limited time.

Comment here! I love to hear from funky fit folks!

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