Portland’s first multi-studio fitness membership | Jumpo


Introducing Jumpo.  A great new fitness company in town that allows you to:

Belong to the best fitness studios in Portland.  
At the same time.  
With one affordable membership.

That’s right. Jumpo offers Portland’s first multi-studio fitness memberships.  Have you always wanted to try crossfit, but didn’t want to give up yoga?  Dance and rock climbing?  Pilates, barre, and martial arts?  Now you can.  Affordably!  Not only do they have 20+ studios in their network, but I can tell you from experience that they are some of the best studios in town.  Visit them at www.jumpo.co.


While there’s not enough space here to list all the benefits of cross-training, let me assure you there are many.  By immersing yourself in different disciplines, you’ll be more fit than you’ve ever been as you’ll constantly keep your body and your muscles guessing. But most importantly, you’ll never get bored!

Use code funky2014 at checkout for 10% off!!

Jumpo memberships are simple and straightforward.  The Class Packs are credit-based memberships that give you a certain amount of credits every month.  The 2 Studio Unlimited gives you unlimited monthly access to two studios of your choice.  So whether you want variety, or committed cross-training, Jumpo has a membership for you.


Jumpo makes it easy to check into studios with their free app.  You just show up to the studio, tap a few buttons, and you’re in – it’s that simple.  Plus the app gives you useful information about the studios and your membership.

If you haven’t already, give Jumpo a shot.  It will change how you workout and your entire fitness experience.  Oh yeah, and did I mention:

Use code funky2014 at checkout for 10% off!!

So basically:
Jumpo is Portland’s first multi-studio fitness membership that lets you visit Portland’s best fitness studios without having to buy multiple full-priced memberships.

Work it:
Everything – literally.  With numerous disciplines and sub-disciplines, whatever you want to do, Jumpo’s got a studio.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Jumpo is perfect for men and women.

Get into it:
Visit Jumpo at www.jumpo.co
Jumpo studios www.jumpo/co/studios
Jumpo memberships www.jumpo.co/passes
iPhone app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jumpo/id892670799
Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jumpo.app





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