Hit and Run 5k preview | mechanical obstacles and dodge balls!

Hit-and-run-5k-dodgeballIf you are looking for an intro into the obstacle course race scene, may I highly recommend the Hit and Run 5k. I have not run this race, but OMG it looks FUN!!!

If I weren’t already booked for another race that day, I would sign up in a heart beat!

Hit and Run 5K is an exciting, fun race for people of all ages, with runners varying from ages 10 (the youngest age the participant can be) to 70.

You can run, jog, or walk the course depending on your ability. The obstacles are meant to be challenging, but not hard. If you approach an obstacle, but are hesitant, you can go around or watch other racers attempts.

They also allow friends and families of the runners to watch and take pictures of their runner at the obstacles. And, of course, they team up with local charities and donate some of our funds to their good causes.

Hit and Run 5K, a unique 5K experience filled with mechanical obstacles, giant inflatables, dodge balls, foam craziness, water and much more, is heading to Portland on August 2nd.

I have a 20% off registration code for all my readers! Use code FunkyFitnessPDX and during the registration process if you share on Facebook, you can get an additional $5 off!

Portland International Raceway
1940 N Victory Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97217

You can get more information here:http://hitandrun5k.com/events/portland/

Details about packet pick up, hotel locations, and charities, are coming soon!

Comment here! I love to hear from funky fit folks!

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