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Somewhere, out there, there is a bad-ass-looking truck parked at a school, or a park, or a field – packed full of all kinds of fitness goodies, just waiting for you to come along and find it, and join in on an outdoor fitness adventure.

Semi-recently, Over Memorial Day weekend I was invited to attend the Mobile Fitness Unit (MFU) and Portland Team Fitness Memorial Day Sweat Fest. Both of these are two of my favorite places to work out. But, what I especially want to talk about today is the MFU.

As we arrived, we watched owner and trainer Kelly Jones setting up everything from TRX straps, to bungee cords, cones, mats, battle ropes, hurdles, weighted balls… you name it – all around the utilized zone. Anything you could imagine in a well-stocked gym was in and on that truck.

We began with a fun, thorough, calisthenic warm ups across the soccer field partnered with our fitness buddy for the day. Next Kelly took us around the workout area and explained all the exercises  to us. The workout was a circuit style series of three exercises per station, which we completed all the way through twice.

Fun with my niece at the MFU/PTF Memorial Day Sweat Fest!

Fun with my niece at the MFU/PTF Memorial Day Sweat Fest!

Besides the beastly looking truck, and the amazing concept of mobile outdoor fitness, one of my favorite things is the creativity and diversity of the exercises. Some are your standard moves like planks, or dumbell deadlifts, but she also likes to pull from the creative-workout handbook (I made that up, but I’m sure she has one) to keep things fresh and fun. Always a good time and always a great workout!

If you haven’t happened to see her around already, you can find out where she’ll be next by checking out her website or Facebook page.

Upcoming special event! You can catch another awesome MFU/PTF Sweat Fest workout on July 4th, 9am at Chapman Elementary. Get the details HERE.

So basically:
This all-in-one fitness center / circuit workout on wheels pops up from location to location, or come right to you and your awesome fitnessy friends.

Work it:
Kelly offers sweat-worthy fully body workouts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
Men and women regularly attend MFU classes. Call to inquire about your munchkins.

Standard “check with your doctor to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise” disclaimer.

Gear up:
You will likely be outside. Dress for the weather, and wear layers.

Get into it:
You can most often find the Mobile Fitness Unit at:

Tigard High School

Westview High School

Chapman Elementary School

View the full schedule HERE.

But, you can also gather a group of your fitness loving friends and the MFU will bring exercise bad-assery right to you!



Also check out: Portland Team Fitness

Comment here! I love to hear from funky fit folks!

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