The Slime Run Review | Portland 2014

Typically, I write a grand adventure story after a mud/fun/OCR run. This time however, I just don’t have a whole lot to say about it. Don’t get me wrong, we had fun. It was fun getting sprayed in multi-colored slime, it was fun climbing up and sliding down big inflatable towers, tubes, and slides. It was fun being silly with a friend while waiting in line to climb over inflatable towers.

But, atmosphere and logistics go a long way in the overall experience of a race, and unfortunately this event didn’t quite hit the mark for me. While there was nothing particularly wrong with it, save for not having a clear entry point or a gear check (what do you do with your keys?), there was just no excitement.

The Slime Run is a 5K kid and beginner friendly obstacle course race at Portland International Raceway. There were six obstacles with slime areas in between where volunteers spray you with various-colored slime. It was messy and gross and we laughed the whole time, but I was hoping for a couple more obstacles.

There was a lot more running than anything else. I guess it was more of a run with some obstacles than an obstacle course race. Maybe my perception is my fault, maybe that was their intent (after all it is called the Slime Run) and I just assumed that there would be more.

Also, the front page of the website showed pictures of people having slime dumped over them – gratuitous amounts of slime. We got an even coating from hand-held paint sprayers. Disappointed.

As a post-run tradition, we headed out to eat, still covered in our adventure. The closest thing we could find resembling healthy food was a Panera. We reveled in the confused stares as we ordered our food and sat down on newspapers to review go-pro footage.

Overall, it wasn’t bad. I give it an enthusiastic “Meh” with a bigsmile and a shrug. Good times, but not overwhelmingly exciting.

I’ve put together a 3 minute recap video of all the fun, dancy, goofy times we had.


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