INFOGRAPHIC | DIY training moves for your next OCR

Preparing for an obstacle course race can be daunting. There are a lot of different obstacles and they each have their own tricks and requirements in order to be successful on them. The most important factor is still fun, but doing well at an event carries its own fun with it.

Try tying your shoes while standing on one leg for improved balance. Next time you are bringing in the groceries do a few curls with the bags, it can improve your arm strength. The next time you stand up from the dinner table or at your office chair don’t use your arms, it’s good for balance and core strength.

By strengthening your body in a few different areas you can really get a better overall fitness that can help you in whatever endeavor you undertake. Balance is key, it doesn’t matter how much power you can muster if it’s put in the wrong direction and you end up on your hind end. Grip is important for obstacle races in order to keep you up and over instead of in the mud. Core strength and endurance can help keep you going during the long hard sections.

It may not be easy to find times to work out, but if you check out a few of these activities then it can be done right along with your everyday chores and activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re already in good shape or in some couch to 5k situation, these small activities can really add up.

Fun 5K Training Ideas


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