Earth-friendly Fitness Round Up

Happy Earth day! A day to think about and bring awareness to our earth and the things we can do to have a positive impact on it and our lives. Here is your earth-friendly fitness round up!




Pact Apparel : Socks, Leggings, tanks, and other comfy earth friendly apparel.

Tasc Performance : Super soft, superior athletic clothing made from sustainable bamboo.

Natural Fitness : They keep their products simple, functional and environmentally friendly and plant a tree for every product they sell.

GoLite : An apparel company who’s aim is to have a “net-positive” impact. Amongst their endeavors is their product take back program to ensure their well-loved products don’t end up in a landfill.

Hugger Mugger Eco Yoga Kit : Head your yoga practice down a sustainable path with the Eco Yoga Kit.


Green MicroGym : The only gym in PDX who’s machines actually produce energy and put it back into the grid.


  1. Walk anywhere you can today. It’s good for you and for mother earth.
  2. With more daylight hours, try to open your blinds and keep the lights off during the day and early evening.
  3. Get outside and play. Turn off the TV and computer and soak in some Vitamin D.


  1. How Runners Can Help Save the Earth – from Enjoying the Course
  2. 8 Eco Tips for Trail Running
  3. Earth Day events in Portland, OR

Do you have a favorite eco-friendly product, company, or activity? Comment below. I will add them to the list and link back to you!


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