Portland Team Fitness | New Location – More Room, More Fun!

Last summer I shared this studio review about an itty bitty gym with great big heart and its ample equipment brilliantly stored jenga-style within its bright yellow walls.

 While in class I was impressed with the specific, individualized feedback that was given to every single student, by name, even while working just outside the front door in the fresh evening air. These are not merely stop-watch clicking exercise supervisors. All the trainers have a minimum of 4-years experience – and it shows.

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At the end of that class, they were discussing plans to move into a new, larger space. Recently, they were finally able to make this move and over the weekend I had the privilege of attending a class in their brand new space.

I had seen a few pictures on social media. I was already in love with the bright blue walls and beautifully contrasting custom wood exercise structure. And I was stoked about the giant ladder structure that was hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately, it had since been removed and replaced by a mobile ladder wall. (Guess I should have gotten in there sooner!)


A few of my favorite things (click to enlarge)

I gotta say, I am in love with this new space! Besides the awesome bright colors, there are things to climb and thing to pull (haul a tire toward the ceiling via a pulley), a bouldering wall in the making, and plans to create a manner in which to traverse the entire perimeter of the gym.


A few of my favorite things (click to enlarge)

Saturday I attended BOOM, a 50/50 blend of the strength training movements and the speed, agility and body weight movements. Heavier weights, some body weight exercises and sports specific exercises make this a high intensity training experience perfect for an advanced exerciser looking for creative progressions in their sports performance training. We did two rounds at three stations, using TRX, dumbbells, and body weight cardio. Afterwards we all headed outside for sprinting, jump rope, burpees, and my two new favorite partner exercises – resistance band runs and basically a two man tug of war. Both of which were prefect for my OCR training. 

PortlandTeam Fitness Partner Exercises

Super Fun Partner Exercises

Every time I attend class at Portland Team Fitness I have the best time and get a stellar workout. The trainers are super fun and knowledgeable and the group is very welcoming.

I’m dying to come back to try their Circus class, and I’ve heard rumors that an Obstacle Course Race training class is a possibility.

Get into it:

The NEW Portland Team Fitness







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