THERA°PEARL Hot & Cold Packs | Review and Giveaway

I have had chronic upper back and neck issues for almost two years after I severely sprained my back in an absurdly uninteresting way. I’ve ignored it for most of those two years. I don’t recommend it. Fix your back issues before you end up where I am. Malfunctioning  and frustrated.

My newly-paved road to recovery has meant lots of visits to the chiropractor, massage therapist, working with a trainer, and ice. Lots and lots of ice. My neck, my upper back, my ribs, and unrelated, my knee. So, the first thing I did was go out and buy a bunch of ice packs. While I was in the ice pack isle, there was a funny shaped pack with little blue jelly balls and a velcro strap. Brilliant! That would be perfect for my knee. It was a brand I hadn’t seen before — THERA°PEARL.

It turned out to be perfect. After it had been frozen for several hours, it was still very pliable. The little gel balls squished around and filled in all the gaps, keeping the cold right up against my knee even when I moved around. The velcro strap meant that I could sit any way I wanted and even walk around. I wasn’t stuck on the couch balancing a stiff rectangle on my leg. I promptly tweeted my delight to THERA°PEARL and discovered their website and their entire line of cold & hot packs.


The company was kind enough to send me a selection of different packs to try on all my aching parts. I chose the neck wrap, back wrap, and knee wrap. I am actually wearing them as I type this. I am pretty much in love with these ice packs.

The Neck Wrap


This wrap is “U” shaped and lays perfectly over your shoulders and upper back. It stays in place with just the weight of the wrap. I’ve worn it several times walking around my kitchen making dinner. Sometimes I flip up the back so it sits on my neck instead. It’s much more comfortable and convenient than having to lay on my stomach with a regular pack on my neck for 20 minutes, or wedge one behind my shoulders while I slouch on the sofa.

The Back Wrap


It’s very large. I only need one pack to cover my ribs and lower back. The velcro strap makes it very comfortable and convenient, again, so I can move around and be upright while I’m icing. The only thing I don’t like is that the strap could go a little bit tighter on this one. This will also be amazing to use as a hot pack on occasion. Ladies…

The Knee Wrap


I requested this one for my husband to try out. He wrecked his knee in an unfortunate upside-down dangling mishap. I actually ended up using it more than he has. I switched out the one I originally bought for my knee and started using this one. It is designed for the front of your knee. The doughnut shape surrounds the knee with ice and allows it to wrap all the way around and gives maximum mobility and coverage. It also has a strap to keep it in place. I like to put it on the back of my knee, allowing me to ice above and below the knee at the same time without focusing cold right on the joint, which can get a little painful sometimes.

The Sports Pack with Strap


This was the original pack I purchased. The oval shape and sturdy strap make it very versatile. You can stick it anywhere you need it. Knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, etc. Though THERA°PEARL also has packs made just for those areas as well.

It really makes a difference to have a wrap that is specifically made to work where I need it. The wrap conforms to my body so I get the maximum amount of therapy from it. The straps make it very convenient and comfortable to use, and the “pearls” keep the wraps pliable and helps it conform to your body. You can also pop them in microwave for heat therapy to help stimulate blood flow while relaxing and soothing stiff muscles and the packs hold their temperature for the doctor-recommended 20 minutes.

THERA°PEARL is an official licensed product of the NFLPA, doctor-designed, and a drug-free way to calm pain and inflammation.

Take a look at their website to discover all the great products. Ranging from shin wraps and eye masks, to children’s pals and more.

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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and I only share products I like, use, and believe in.


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