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I’m a big proponent of any workout that engages multiple muscle groups at once. Especially, when it simultaneously works a major group along with core and/or stabilizing muscles. Working the stabilizing muscles around the major muscle makes the movement more useful and functional. I have always preferred free-weights over machines for that reason. Until I discovered TRX.

I have a taken classes at a few different locations, but most recently at Strength Unlimited in Vancouver, Washington. What I like about their classes in particular is that they always have two instructors on the floor. One will be demonstrating for the entire exercise so the class always has the proper queues for correct form and timing. At the same time the other circulates the room to adjust students to ensure proper form and efficient movement, also providing extra, personalized encouragement. Plus, there is the solidarity of knowing the instructor has to do the same movements they’re putting you through. Fair is fair, am I right?


TRX suspension training is the ultimate stabilization training. Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. In addition, it allows you to work at angles you can’t easily achieve with most traditional methods, which makes it more difficult and more adaptable at the same time.

Think you’ve mastered your plank? Now try it with your feet elevated and swinging freely. Pushups no problem? Now you’re engaging 3X the muscles to keep stable at an unfamiliar trajectory. Every exercise you can imagine just got a new layer of awesome. Those stability muscles kicking in means you engage your abs, back, glutes, and chest in nearly every move. Each exercise is now much more effective than traditional, similar exercises on the floor or machines.

While the program is designed to challenge even the most seasoned athletes, TRX is actually highly adaptable to all skill levels. Only requiring a slight change of angle to adjust the difficulty so even beginning exercisers can enjoy the benefits of TRX training. Flexibility is also inherent in the movements, increasing mobility and altogether making it a highly effective and functional workout.

Strength Unlimited also offers bootcamp classes, kickboxing, and personal training at their easy-to-locate facility. Classes are offered at various times 6 days a week with more classes being added very soon.

Schedule as of January 2014

Schedule as of January 2014

Strength Unlimited strives to provide a premier training experience with a strong and supporting community at their gym. They are friendly and helpful to all levels, from fitness fanatics to fledgling exercisers, and tailor everything to fit the needs of all their clients. Their small group classes provide more feedback and a focus on quality results. Two instructors per class provide a more efficient and safe workout.

So basically:
TRX suspension training is a functional training method utilizing suspension of body weight to create a dynamic, effective workout for all levels. And the close-knit community feel and small class sizes at Strength Unlimited ensure effective and quality results.

Work it:
• Everything! Even the muscles you didn’t know you had.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
TRX and Strength Unlimited are perfect for men and women. Contact the gym for any age restrictions.

As always, make sure you are healthy enough for physical activity, but at the same time the certified TRX trainer can adapt any workout to your physical needs.

Gear up:
Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and athletic shoes.

Get into it:

Print this out or mention that you saw it on FunkyFitnessPDX to redeem your FREE WEEK.

Click to enlarge: Print this out or mention that you saw it on FunkyFitnessPDX to redeem your FREE WEEK.

Strength Unlimited is currently offering ONE WEEK FREE to try out any and all classes you would like. Simply print out this flyer and bring it in, or just let them know you saw it on FunkyFitnessPDX!
Strength Unlimited

6300 NE St. James Rd. Suite 103-A
Vancouver, WA  98663

Other Resources:
TRX website

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  1. I’ve been dying to try TRX!! And now even more-so after reading your article. But woe, I am here in Delaware. I wish you many TRX-ing adventures. May your classes and those who participate be extra awesome. 🙂

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