Happy Healthier Halloween

Happy Halloween friends! I’m sitting here tonight donning a blue wig, suspenders, tutu, and fuzzy socks — the remnants of blue-themed Halloweens gone by. This is the first year I have done nothing for Halloween. I was supposed to have a husband this year, but he’s stuck up in Navy land at the moment. I did manage to dress up, though the mood did not strike me until 4:59 pm. However, I knew I would be home waiting for the kidlings to come knocking and begging, ever-so-adorably, for tricks or treats — expecting, of course, treats.

Dug some stuff out of my costume box. Waitin a...

Dug some stuff out of my costume box. Waitin around for the wee little tricksters. #Happyhalloween

Well here’s the thing. Have you read what’s in candy these days? I’ll clue you in. There isn’t much actual candy in them any more. Mostly chemicals, dyes, and sweeteners. Mostly things that I would not feel good about giving my (future) children. So, how could I be OK with giving it to other people’s children? Now, I’m not trying to be that lady (have you heard about this?) who is handing out letters instead of treats to children she deems “semi-obese”. For real! Really?!  No. But, I am attempting this year to give the little goblins and ghouls some less-bad options.

Against the advice of my friends, who all swear I’m going to get egged, I’m handing out raisins. That’s right, raisins. I do realize that this will not go over sooo perfectly with all my little visitors so I am also mixing in some premium chocolates which are free of chemicals and other artificial things. (Bulk bag, on sale at Ross. Score!)

LIVE UPDATE, I’ve given the kids their pick all night and nearly half of them have CHOSEN the raisins. Some even exclaiming happily, “Ooo raisins!”. So, I think that was a successful endeavor.


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