Studio Review | BurnCycle | aka Dance Party on a Bike!

Fall has arrived abruptly, and in full force, in the Pacific Northwest. Dodging wind gusts and rain drops, I hurried down the street to make my way into the warm shelter of the BurnCycle studio in the Pearl District.

I was already excited about the class because I knew that Will was teaching it. I have taken his class at another studio. A big ball of contagious charisma, his classes are always worth the sweat.

I was welcomed immediately by the adorable and friendly girls behind the counter. I was fitted for my rental shoes and immediately taken to the cycling room, fitted on my bike and shown how to clip in. I thought it would be weird riding clipped in for the first time, but it actually felt more natural and kept me from being distracted by what my feet were doing the whole ride.

Our charismatic instructor, who they fondly refer to as “Dance Armstrong”, had the entire class leg-pumping in-time to the thumping beats. The class moved as one, feeling the rhythm in the candlelit room. After about 15-20 minutes of pedaling, jumps, tap backs, runs, and sprints, we grabbed our readily available hand weights and performed various upper body exercises. We performed pushups on the bike while still pedaling. How often do you get to do cardio WHILE getting your toning in?! Don’t let those 3lb weights fool you. At this point, your big leg muscles have sucked up so much of your energy that your shoulders will feel this FAST! I was the first one drop my weights. (Stupid self inflicted neck issues)

Then, more spinning and one last party push to the end. He encourages us with “Just two more songs. You can do anything for 9 minutes!” I thought to myself, “Well, not hold my breath…”, but I got the point, push for 9 more minutes and we’d be all done!

Slowly coming to a stop we let our heart rates drop and stretched out on the bike. Then we dismounted, everyone to the left, and stretched our lower body before leaving with singing muscles, thankful hearts, and happy faces.

The studio was founded just less than a year ago by a once jet-setting, spin class fanatic, studio owner Jessi Duley. She decided to bring her passion to Portland, and beginning in November 2012 she started construction on the beautiful space with the help of her husband, sister, and the amazing energy and positivity of her friends. And, she did all of this pregnant. Their rockin’ little baby came along 3 weeks before instructor training began!

Jessi is genuinely humble and stands behind the studio’s goal to make “…BurnCycle your experience. From our one of a kind workout to our unparalleled customer service, we do everything with intention so you can lock in the zone, be present and earn your sweat. We’re not reinventing the wheel – we’re revolutionizing the ride.”

So basically:
This is more than just your typical spin class. Besides the additional upper body work, the ambiance and environment is hand cultivated to give you the best experience possible. Dimmed class rooms let you zone out and focus on the ride. Amazing instructors give you a constistently awesome sweat sess every time you roll through the doors.

Work it:
You will of course work your quads, hamstrings and glutes. But you’ll also work your core and upper body. And, in case it isn’t obvious, so killer cardio!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
This studio is for men and women. Check with the studio for any age restrictions for younger riders.

Nothing specific here, just make sure you’re healthy enough for exercise, check with your doctor, etc etc. Standard disclaimer.

Gear up:
You should wear body fitted clothing to keep it from being caught in moving parts. If you have cycle shoes, you should wear them, if not you can rent them for $2. They are required for the ride.

Get into it:

BurnCycle is located at north end of Portland’s Pearl District across the street from Jamison Square park.

910 NW 10th Ave. PDX OR 97209
T: (503) 946-8618

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  3. I’m a Burncycle fanatic after being a total couch potato for years. Their workouts keep me entertained and motivated. It’s the best!

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