Studio Review | Portland Team Fitness | Small Group Fitness with a Focus on Community [UPDATED]

Last week I stepped inside a new-to-me studio in NE Portland and was struck by what I found. A very small space, stacked to the rafters with any and all fitness equipment you could possibly need, and an intriguing looking group class being led by two very attentive trainers. Portland Team Fitness is a teeny tiny treasure with big heart and all the right stuff – and, all that stuff is stored Jenga-style in a well-stocked fitness pantry.


Top-notch trainers made excellent use of the 1000 sq ft space. I watched them seamlessly rearrange the space to set up for the Elite Group Fitness class I was about to attend. While in class I was impressed with the specific, individualized feedback that was given to every single student, by name, even while working just outside the front door in the fresh evening air. These are not merely stop-watch clicking exercise supervisors. All the trainers have a minimum of 4-years experience – and it shows.


The circuit-style class was sweaty, dynamic, and fun. We partnered up with a “fitness buddy” and switched off exercises and sometimes worked together. We performed your standard bosu-crunches, lat cable pulls and weighted step-ups. But, more creative moves were also integrated such as a bosu wall-sit with a weighted ball overhead toss, tuck jumps utilizing a weighted tube called a Viper, and some hilariously fun partner maneuvers with a giant resistance band.


Every class is different so you’ll always keep your body guessing, which means progressing. The positive, challenging, and engaging class has me excited to come back and see what would be in store for next time.

“At Portland Team Fitness it is our mission to inspire and educate all populations to lead a healthier life through movement, play, creativity and the outdoors. We strive to bring families and friends together through a commitment to health and fitness so that everyone can experience a more fulfilling quality of life. We believe that there is no ‘one way’ or one method in fitness. As long as it is effective, safe and fun, we say GO FOR IT!

We use the team dynamic to enhance motivation, accountability and to build a strong sense of community. We also use the team concept because is is far more affordable for our clients. Where Personal Training was once a luxury only the stars could afford, TEAM training brings personal training to anyone willing to commit.”

So basically:
Small group classes give the benefits of one-one-training without the same steep financial commitment.

Work it:
• Dynamic circuit-style classes will leave every part of your body sweaty and proud!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
This studio is for everyone!

Besides the adult group and private training sessions they also offer a girls only class called Super Girls for girls ages 7-11, and a more serious speed and agility training program for any child involved in sports ages 9 and up.

Make sure to arrive early for your first class so you can fill out the waiver and the goal setting sheet where you will also let the trainers know of any limitation or special modifications you need.

Gear up:
Proper workout apparel and footwear are recommended. We did utilize outdoor spaces during our class.

Get into it:
[UPDATE] Portland Team Fitness has moved to a new larger space! (Read all about the new space)

Their brand new location is just a couple blocks away at:



(503) 890-0257

Your first class is FREE!


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