Cheese and Confessions

Today I started a VERY clean eating plan. Basically nothing comes from a package. Well, I am allowed an organic hummus, tuna from a pouch, and protein powder. Other than that, everything is purchased from the front of the store!

I’m excited about the results I’m aiming for but nervous about the foods. Here is my confession: I am a picky eater. I don’t like fruits and vegetables. Just like a little kid, I turn my nose up at almost everything that “comes from the dirt”. Can’t do it. I’ve been trying for years to figure out how to like them but I just can’t do it. Well, “can’t” is not quite accurate. I have learned to like sweet potatoes cooked a certain way. I’ll eat spinach if you steam it to death. I’ll eat green beans from a can. I’ll eat raw carrots. But, that’s about it. Um, mushrooms, very cooked… and most beans too, I guess. But, that’ doesn’t make for very rounded meals. As you can imagine, eating healthy and with full nutrition has been challenging. So, I’ve called in a professional!

However, for me to start on a meal plan prepared by someone else is a little scary. Actually, she did a really good job considering my culinary phobias.

There are three main hurdles I will have to, and am ready to, overcome:

1. No dairy: I LOVE CHEESE! And recently fell in love with greek yogurt. Alas, no more. *sad face*. Ok, pouting done. I think I’m probably a little allergic anyway.

2. My pure fruit and vegetable breakfast smoothie: So, basically everything I can’t stand to even touch, blended up into one BIG smoothie… I actually did not hate it. Go figure. It tastes like applesauce and smells like cut grass, but it is very very doable. Only problem is that it’s HUGE and it took me two hours to drink it. I’m supposed to finish it quick and then have egg whites and oatmeal. OK. Challenge accepted.

Day one if super clean breakfast. Pear, apple,...

Day one of super clean breakfast. Pear, apple, lemon, parsley, cilantro, kale, spinach. #herestogoals

3. Aaaaavocado: This is also on my “Yup, nope!” list. But it’s on my meal plan as a healthy fat and I can’t even think of something to replace it with since I already have nut butters twice on there. So, my goal for this weekend is to figure out how to enjoy tolerate it using only the quinoa, tuna, in that meal and any spice I choose. Game on!

I’m also not allowed any sugar except what’s in the fruit in the meal plan, but that’s not really a big deal because I don’t eat much sugar anyway and try to keep it under 30g a day. When I don’t have OJ in the morning it’s typically less than 20g.

I am purposefully leaving my goals vague here because that’s not what this post, or this blog is about it. This share is about overcoming my own personal challenges for my health and for the sake of growing. But if you’re truly interested, I’m all over the social media. Feel free to find me and chat!

When I get to where I’m going I will probably share a picture or two, cause well, I’ll be pretty darned proud of myself. But, that’s it. This is not going to turn into a blog and instagram feed about my abs. I promise. This is about overall fitness and fun and challenging ourselves in creative ways. The end result is just the icing on the cake. (So-to-speak. Because, I don’t eat icing, or cake right now!)

Tell me: What personal hurdles have you had to jump over to get to your goals?

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