10 sneaky ways to move more (and burn some extra calories) every day.

While an awesome sweat-filled hour at the gym will blast a huge chunk of calories, there are also ways to sneak in little extras here and there to boost your gym-time benefits. Try these simple, easy to squeeze-in ideas that can add up to some major extra burn!

1. Park in the furthest parking spot. I really never understood trolling for a close in spot when you’re going to walk the mall or go to the gym for an hour anyway. That little extra jaunt every time you run an errand can really add up!

2. Take the stairs. It’s actually typically faster anyway. Plus, it’s green. You’ll be saving the earth by burning calories instead of electricity. AND it’s excellent for your heinie. Bonus!

3. Use the bathroom furthest away from your desk. I have been known to use the bathroom on the other side of the building upstairs, and then walk outside and around the building before returning to my desk. It might add a minute or two to your break (is that really a bad thing?) but it also racks up a few more calories.

4. Drink water! Not for the other million reason you should be staying hydrated, but because then you’ll have to get up every hour and make said long-winded trip to the bathroom.

5. Take a walk on your lunch break. Even if it’s just around the block a couple times. It’s good for your brain, your legs, and your calorie count. Also, no one can bother you if you’re not back at your desk. You get a break, take it! A brisk mile is about 100 calories.

6. Do squats/counter pushups/calf raises while you’re waiting for the microwave. You’re already standing there, just waiting around. Do something useful with your time.

7. Take multiple trips. Do you really really really need to see how many bags of groceries you can finagle at one time whilst cutting off the circulation to your hand and waddling up the stairs just to prove that you could do it in one trip? No, not really. Try taking more than one trip. You’ll save your arms some bag burn, and burn a few more calories to boot.

8. Stretch it out. Instead of just sitting on the couch to watch the boob-tube, move it to the floor. Stretching burns 2.7 calories a minute, more than twice as many as sitting. That adds up! And it’s more than you would have burned with a bag of fritos in your hand.

9. Play with your kids. Or dog, if you don’t have any of those. Kids are little bundles of energy and are exceptional role models for exercise. Only they call it “play”. Instead of sending them out back to run off their extra energy, go hang out with them and wear yourself out too! Plus, it’s great bonding time.

10. Clean something. Scrubbing your windows for 14 minutes will wash away 45 calories, vacuuming for 10 minutes sucks up 37 calories, and washing dishes for 7 minutes gets you another 19 calories. And hey, you’re literally accomplishing two things at once. Talk about multi-tasking!

See how many ways you can sneak these tricks into your daily life. All these little things could easily add up to over 250 calories a day! That’s a potential half a pound of fat loss per week, or an extra snack in the afternoon. Wowza! Get moving!

What do you think? Do you have any sneaky tips of your own? Share below in the comments!

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