Eff You Rope Climb…

This post is a bit abnormal for me. One, I don’t typically blog about my daily workouts because well, they’re really not that exciting. I save the blog posts for the fun crazy stuff I do on the weekends. I also swore I’d never blog about crossfit, because at this point, it’s not really “funky”. You will see it all over my Twitter and Instagram however, since I’m using it primarily to train for Spartan Race. But that is all besides the point.

Today, I am just terribly proud of myself and I wanted to share. This is a two part proud-ness. I’m going to start with the second part because it really makes me the most proud.

I got two girls up the “hard” rope today. Now, if you’ve climbed the ropes, you know that the “hard rope” (the one without knots) is actually easier once you figure out the coordination to get your foot wrap right. I have a new gym-friend who was tentative about it before class since it was part of the WOD. I told her after class I would get her up the rope. So after class I did just that. She was tired, and chatting and tried mildly to talk us both out of it. But was I feeling extra motivational.

So, we walked over to the rope and I explained the details and after a couple times she went a couple lengths and decided she was done. “Nuh uh!” I said. “We’re getting you up the rope today.” So, I stood there and helped her figure it out until she got it! High fives ensued and even though she was calling me “Drill sergeant”, she was thanking me.

I then spied another girl eyeballing the rope and invited her over to try it. I promised I could get her to the top. I had then and there made it my mission. She gave it a try and dropped. Gave it another try and got a little ways up. After some foot adjusting, just cruised to the top. Hot dog! Another one up! That was very much the highlight of my day, that I got to help two people conquer something they didn’t think they could today.

Now, back to part one.

Like many boxes, my gym posts the next day’s WOD the night before. I don’t know why they do this, I’d rather not know what my torture is going to be. But alas, I was fully aware that this gnarly WOD was coming up today.

I've got this crazy chipper WOD to look forwar...


I had been psyching myself up for it all day. Even to the point of giving my coach some very unsubstantiated razzing on Facebook. Though, I knew it was going to suck and I was going to hate it. (And by hate, I mean love, in a sadistic sort of way.)

Now, for the past couple weeks I’ve been working out with a 14lb weight vest in an effort to train harder for Spartan Race. This time I upped it to 16lbs. I made it through everything very slowly, but surely. Way behind everyone else, even the other two wearing heavier vests than I have. I had to scramble to steal someone else’s bar for thrusters, I just couldn’t finish with the bar I had.

Then. Came. The. Wall. Climbs. Uuuugggg… I hate these to begin with. They hurt my shoulders, they make my face red, and make me feel like a spastic monkey stuck in reverse. I did a half of one and thought “hellz to the noes!” and asked for the alternative –25 burpies. I decided that sounded worse. In my moment of wussiness, the girl next to me, wearing a heavier vest and just finishing up her climbs started to cheer me on and told me I could do it. I believed her. With much grunting and cursing I did my 10 wall climbs. Then I busted out the last run and came back to face the rope.

I have only made it to the top of the rope once in weighted vest. It was lighter, and I was wwaaayyy less tired. But, at this point I was determined. I took two seconds, stared at that ratty rope. Told it “Eff you rope” out loud, under my breath and grunted my way to the top. Hah freaking zah! DONE!

I pushed through when I thought I was done and finished. My time was not spectacular but that’s not the point. Go me. *high fives self*


Anyway, not that I feel you need proof or anything, but here’s a little video of me climbing said rope, in said vest. (This was actually well after the WOD and I was rested again, so no superfluous grunting)

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