Missed Photo Opp of the Day and Awesome Alternate Modes of Transportation

As I was ending my noon-time “our internet is down” stroll around the fort today, I happened upon a shirtless hairy-pitted man on a mini bike with an ipad stuffed down the back of his pants.

I wondered to myself, “If he couldn’t afford a shirt how did he have money for an ipad?” Or, perhaps why he didn’t carry a more portable media solution. The world will never know. Around the next corner was a less-perplexing and equally-amusing hipster on a skateboard being towed by a rather large beagle. Not being able to construct a sneaky way to whip out my appropriate-for-travel-sized camera phone, I missed the opportunity to capture either of these heart warming vignettes.

However, the latter did give me inspiration for what is to follow. I give you:

Awesome Alternate Human-powered  Modes of Transportation

1. The Fliz Bike and StreetFlyer

Go for a ride, or rather, a glide, on one of these bicycle-alternative concepts in which one is suspended under an arched frame. A run/walk is used to get the contraption moving then you pick up your feet and… weeee!

2. The 3G Stepper Bike and Elliptigo

So, when a Stair Master and bicycle really love each other… the 3G Stepper bike is born. Step your way from A to B in style while getting a great workout.  Or, if you prefer the elliptical machine, check out the Elliptigo. Similar concept with a slightly different stride. I’m not going to play favorites — they both look redonkulously fun.

3. Erm… this thing!

Named the Panterragaffe, it was invented just for funzies. Basically, an ingenious creation of gigantic K’NEX, resembling a behemoth walking spider. The contraption translates pedaling into a cray cray walking machine! Say what now?

4. The Trikke

The Trikke looks like a three-wheeled scooter, propelled forward by leaning left to right in a sort of wave rhythm. Available in kid and adult sizes, you can even upgrade the tires for a different sort of ride. Dear Trikke, do you give blogger samples?

5. Brewcycle

After being featured on the Real World, the Brewcycle has been spotted more and more in the streets of PDX and other beertastic cities. The premise is simple and amazing — gather six to fourteen of your most alcoholic friends, and jump on board an 8-man pedal powered brewery tourer. You and your beer buddies tour several of P-town’s most brewtastic locales and burn those pesky calories nearly as soon as you consume them.

6. Kangoo Jumps

So, you take the boots from in-line skates and put a kind of leaf spring on the bottom. Now, you hop or hop-run to your heart’s little bouncy content! Like, updated Moon Shoes! Rebounding is instant cardio with zero impact. It works your glutes, thighs, hips and core,  increases agility and more. They even have cardio group classes wearing these anti-gravity bouncers. And yes of course, I have tried them!

7. HumanCar

Fred Flintstone had the right idea, except that instead of using bipedal power, you row — generating power to run an electric motor. The car also works as a power station which could be used to run small appliances. And hey, you can burn some calories while saving some fossil fuels. Win win.

8. Shweeb Pedal Powered Mono-rail

Zip around on a mini monorail that’s been flip-turned upside down. The Shweeb monorail system is currently situated at Agroventures Park in Rotorua, New Zealand as an adventure ride but Google believes it has potential as the future of urban people transport and has subsequently invested 1 million dollars into the project. More…

See more awesome human powered things here and here.

And just for funsies, here is a different guy on a skateboard being pulled by a dog.

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