Dirty Girl Mud Run Comes to PDX June 1st!

You’ve probably heard of mud runs like “Tough Mudder”, “Warrior Dash”, or “Spartan Race“, those hardcore, military-style mud run targeted mainly at men (though there is no shortage of brave chicas who sign up). But, maybe some ladies just want to have some fun, get muddy, and challenge themselves without worrying about getting rundown by beastly dudes in loin cloths, or are just looking for another fun race to add to their summer race repertoire.

Dirty Girl Banner

Here’s your chance to get down and dirty with this current mega-trend in physical challenges – Dirty Girl stands out because it’s for women only, it’s not competitive, and it’s all about camaraderie.

A portion of proceeds benefit local breast cancer charities nationwide, and all cancer survivors run for free.

The Dirty Girl Mud run – the biggest mud run for women – has been around a few years, and it’s finally coming to Portland, OR!

Saturday, June 1st, 2013
First wave of runners: 8 AM
Last wave of runners: 4 PM

Pat’s Acres Racing Complex
6255 Arndt Rd.
Canby OR 97013

About the Race:

Dirty Girl Mud Run, the original women-only national mud run series, is coming to Portland on June 1, 2013.

An untimed obstacle course that welcomes women of all ages and athletic abilities, Dirty Girl Mud Run challenges women to break from their routine for a day, get out of their comfort zones, get dirty, and accomplish something brand new – all while having a blast. Every one of the obstacles—from the “Utopian Tubes” tunnel crawl to the “PMS (Pretty Muddy Stuff)” mud pit—is optional, so participants can skip anything they find too difficult. Forming teams is encouraged, and so are crazy team uniforms. A Dirty Girl Mud Run comes with excitement, laughter, and camaraderie—as well as lots of music, food and drinks. From start to finish, it’s an unforgettable event and an incredible teambuilding experience.

Dirty Girl events attract thousands of women in each city they stop in, and they expect to reach 350,000 participants by the end of 2013.

Dirty Girl believes in providing women with a rigorous and empowering environment to achieve new levels in life‐confidence while having fun and bonding with loved ones. Through challenging yet attainable 5K mud run events, Dirty Girl makes it possible for women to easily engage with one another while overcoming physical challenges and promoting an active lifestyle.

Dirty Girl Banner

Who’s it for:

Women ages 14 and up are encouraged to participate.
Cancer survivors run for free.

Getting dirty for a good cause:

A portion of proceeds benefit local breast cancer charities nationwide.

What are you waiting for?

Click HERE to find out more and to register!
Use code DGPORTBLOGGUEST to get 20% off registration!

Contact and Connect:

Stephanie Gomory

Visit Dirty Girl online: http://www.godirtygirl.com
Visit Dirty Girl on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/godirtygirl
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