The Fit Visitor’s Guide to Exploring Portland | Guest Post

5 Ways for Visitors to Take on Fun Fitness in Portland | A Guest Post By James Anderson

There are many perks to visiting Portland; the lush green environment, the local art scene, the numerous concerts, or the Portland Trail Blazers are all reasons people take a few days off work and head over to the City of Roses. The only bad part about taking a vacation to Portland, or anywhere for that matter, is that it’s easy to slip out of a normal exercise routine, and vacations tend to bring along the temptation of over indulging in food and alcohol: two things that do nothing for those looking to get back in shape. Luckily, there are many ways to have fun in Portland and stay active at the same time.

Take Advantage of the Numerous Bike Rentals

Portland is famous for being one of the most bike friendly cities in the country, so it comes to no surprise that there is a wide selection of bike rental shops to choose from. Mountain bikes, cruisers, and even electric bicycles are all available to rent, and some bike store employees even take visitors on guided bike tours. The cost is relatively cheap, and prices range from $8/hr to $25/day depending on the place; either way, renting a bike is much cheaper (and healthier) than renting a car, and there will be much less room for guilt after stopping in at Portland’s famous donut cafe, Voodoo Donuts.

Visit the Forest Park Wildwood Trail

The Forest Park Wildwood Trails spans over 5,000 acres, and it’s a great place to hike, bike, or take a relaxing stroll. Visitors of Portland will get to see the country’s largest wooded city park, and the spot makes a great place to bird watch and enjoy the natural beauty Oregon has to offer. Portland is one of the few cities that can take someone from the busy downtown area into the peaceful and quiet realms of a forest park in just a matter of minutes.

Tour Portland by Kayak

For those looking for a bit more adventure with their fitness, a kayak tour might be a fun option to explore. Portland Kayak Company offers guided tours for under $50 dollars, and the best part is that absolutely zero experience is required. Another standout feature of the tour is the fact that it takes place on the Willamette River which goes right through the city, and seeing the beautiful view of the heart of downtown from a different perspective is sure to make for excellent photos to take back home. If you’re up for an up-and-coming adventure, try stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing), tours and lessons available at many Kayak locations.

Check Out an Ice Skating Rink

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It doesn’t have to be winter in order to enjoy ice skating, and Portland has a few rinks that are great for kids and adults alike. It’s something different to enjoy while on vacation, and ice skating is a much more thrilling way to burn calories than swimming in the hotel pool. Admission is generally under $10, so it’s not a bad idea for someone traveling with a large group and limited funds. Or, if you like your skating on unfrozen ground, check out the landmark Oaks Park Amusement park with its historic roller skating rink open year-round. (Park is seasonal)

Visit the Zoo

Spending the day walking around the 64-acre zoo is sure to get the heart rate up, but visitors often have so much fun observing over 2,000 species that the zoo is home to that it never feels like a work out.  Reptiles, mammals, and birds from all over the world are present, and the Oregon Zoo has 21 endangered species that they are helping to conserve and repopulate. The cost of admission is $11.50 for adults (12-64) with slightly lower costs for seniors and children. You will also receive a small discount if you take the MAX and show your ticket stub. Which, in addition, saves the hassle of parking in the often-full parking lot.

Portland offers many opportunities for visitors to engage in physical activities, and those who are looking to visit the beautiful city have lots of adventures to choose from; bike rentals, city parks, kayaking tours, skating rinks, and an elaborate zoo are all alternatives to a typical vacation, and with all these fun options available, there is no need to worry about how to squeeze in a little physical fitness.

Guest writer James Anderson is a freelance writer, survivalist, and sports enthusiast. He currently writes about sports, fitness and other locker room storage for

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