Super Supplements | First impressions and some of my favorite products

One of the challenges of moving more than 20 miles away is finding all of your “things” again. No, not your personal belongings which you stowed in that one box with that one thing that you now can’t remember which room it ended up in and you are now wondering if you somehow left it on the moving truck… I’m talking about your activities and places; your new coffee shop, your new grocery store, your new gym, and your new supplement store.

Lucky for me I found most of that during the house hunting process (except a ballet studio,*sad face*), and in fact it helped make the decision on this house. We’re literally 6 blocks from a pretty good gym, across the street from the grocery store, and within walking distance to several places to grab a bite. We’re also only a few blocks from a Super Supplements store. A small chain, based in Seattle, which I’ve only just recently seen popping up down here. I knew nothing about it and hoped it wasn’t just another chain with cheap white-labeled products.

To my elation they aren’t! They carried all my favorite brands. The good ones.

Garden Of Life WomensOrganic, whole food vitamins like Garden of Life (I’ve tried tons and these are by far my favorite).



ProBarWhole food meal bars like ProBar, to which I was ecstatic since my new grocery store doesn’t carry them! (What?!)


Perkey JerkeyAwesome snacks like Perky Jerkey.



Gabriel CosmeticsThey also carry a line of mineral-based, vegan, gluten free makeup named Gabriel. I purchased the foundation to give it a try. [Update: LOVE this power foundation. Light feeling, natural looking, great coverage and lasts all day, only needing a slight touch up before heading out for the evening.]


Jet FuelThough I shouldn’t admit to taking these, they also carry Jet Fuel. My go-to (non-natural) “get-jacked-up” performance enhancer when I really feel like switching on Beast Mode. Ignore the hype on their website, I just like the smooth energy. Though most of their claims are true from my experience. Please note that I take far less than recommended and don’t abuse them. But really, most of the time I can totally go beast on just EnergyBits. (They don’t sell EnergyBits at this store but you can get them online. In fact, use code “FunkyFitBits” and get 30% off your order)

Anyhoozle – I has a good chat with the very friendly an knowledgeable sales lady tonight. If one pops up near you, you should definitely go inside and check them out. This will be my new supplement store from now on.

They have many stores across the NW. Check to see if they have one near you by clicking here. The Hazel Dell, WA store is brand new and not on their locator yet.

What are your favorite healthy brands and what is your favorite supplement store?

3 responses to “Super Supplements | First impressions and some of my favorite products

  1. Thank you for promoting our store! What location did you go to? We are so happy to hear you had a great experience in finding ‘your’ products and were helped one of our awesome, knowledgeable staff members! Let us know if there is anything we can help you with in the future.

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