Firebrand Sports is coming PDX | Get ready!

Attention PDX’rs! You ready for this? Are you ready for THE most innovative fitness experience to hit Portland, if not the West Coast?! Well you better be, because it’s coming, and it’s called Firebrand Sports.

The brand new sign, just hours after installation.

As you can tell, I’m very excited for this one. And with good reason.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to get a bit of a sneak preview of the Pearl District space that will house this awesomeness; and chat a bit with the owners, while actually getting to help build some of the state-of-the-art equipment that makes this studio so unique. After following the progress of their opening for some time, I was connected to their building party by happenstance. I literally ‘know a guy who knows a guy’. Yea for networking!

Firebrand’s mantra. Displayed on the awning outside their new Pearl District space.

Firebrand Sports is a boutique fitness studio offering two core, complementary classes not available anywhere else in Portland. Full Tilt Cycling™ on the revolutionary RealRyder, and Pyrolates™ on the Megaformer. In the near future, they will be adding the slammin’ new workout, Pound to the mix. Here’s what makes these two offerings so exciting.

Full Tilt Cycling™

You think you’ve had a spin class? No you haven’t. Not like this, at least.

RealRyder® is a completely new kind of fitness equipment that is revolutionizing the world of indoor cycling. With ordinary stationary bikes, you just sit and don’t engage your core. The RealRyder® gives you a stationary bike ride that’s anything but stationary.

The bike tilts and leans, creating a more accurate, challenging, and exciting experience. This action also engages your core meaning a bigger workout, more calories blasted, and more fun. All of which will bring you back for more.

  • Engage more muscles than you would on a traditional indoor bike
  • Work your core more than you would on a regular indoor bike
  • Burn more calories
  • Overcome boredom with a more fun and dynamic riding experience

I have not yet had the opportunity to experience RealRyder bikes. I was hoping to give you a first-hand account of the bike in action, but I will definitely report back after I try my first class during Firebrand’s preview week.


A total body, muscle-shaking, shirt-drenching workout…performed on the state-of-the-art Megaformer, combining strength, training, cardio, endurance, core and flexibility, that will transform your body and challenge your mind and spirit.

A carriage that looks similar to a Pilates reformer, but is so much more. Co-owner Sara Stimac informed me in conversation that Pyrolates is like Pilates in that it is safe on the joints and spine and low-impact, but the similarities stop there. She promises that this workout will challenge you to your core, take you to muscle failure, transform your body, and bring you back for more. I. Can’t. Wait. I will also being trying this out and reporting back. My first class is Thanksgiving morning. I plan to earn that pumpkin pie!

The studio space is also beautiful and unique. A contemporary design in the lobby and hallways combines with the original warehouse floors, high beamed ceilings and windows which have been kept intact for an urban, yet wide-open energizing feel.

The view from the Megaformer space. You’ll have a grand view while you’re drowning in your own sweat.

My favorite part of this gym? While taking a break and chatting with cycling specialist Matthew Barney, I asked about the short-ceilinged loft space above the RealRyder ‘cathedral’. “Oh,” he states, “That’s for the DJ booth.” That’s right, folks. The DJ booth! Are you excited yet? He also promises that after personally touring the top cycling studios on both coasts, Firebrand Sports will blow them all out of the water. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think he’s exaggerating.

I could go on, but I think you just need to check this one out for yourself.

Check out the website for great intro packages!
Get into it:

Firebrand Sports
500 NW 14th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209


Connect on Facebook –> here

Firebrand sports officially opens November 26th, 2012. Check out their website for more information.

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