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Do you remember that Total Body Gym contraption that Chuck Norris used to promote on TV? Yeah? OK, now imagine that thing, but as if Chuck Norris actually designed it. That my friends is the Gravity machine. And this machine is awesome.

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I’ve been trying out ME Fitness for a couple of months now and I take every opportunity to take the Gravity classes. The basic function of this machine is to use your body weight on a ramp which you pull via a pulley system. The ramp raises and lowers to adjust the resistance. The range of exercises cover any fathomable combination of muscles groups.

The system allows you to seamlessly move from one move to another. For example, while kneeling on the ramp you can perform bicep curls, then switch your grip to move into tricep extensions, then back flys.

There are also various attachments for pushing, pulling, foot bracing, elbow pads, pushup bars… (I LOVE doing pushups on the sliding ramp. Hello core!) The exercises are only limited to how creative you can be.  And, the mechanical adjustment of the ramp makes changing the resistance on the fly simple. You can move from one exercise to another without having to get off  and adjust weights or resistance plates.

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This gym has two different kinds of classes. Gravity Pilates and Gravity Group. Gravity Pilates utilizes Pilates moves but with the resistance and fluidity provided by the machine. Gravity Group is a pure strength and conditioning class. My favorite class is the Wednesday class. It’s only 30 minutes but that particular trainer will kick your butt. If I’m not grunting by the end of the set, he makes me keep going or pushes on my ramp to add resistance. Love. It.

So basically:
This dynamic machine uses your body weight on an adjustable ramp to create a challenging and fluid resistance workout.

Work it:
Every single muscle you could imagine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
This machine can be dangerous if not used correctly. So I wouldn’t recommend it for children.

As with any workout, know your body and your limitations and consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

Gear up:
You do not need anything special to use this machine. The Gravity Pilates class is done barefoot, and Gravity group is done with shoes. Ladies, you will want to make sure that your hair is up and does not flop over the ramp to get tangled in the track.

Get into it:
I take Gravity class at ME Fitness in NE Portland. If you know of any other gyms that offer the class, please let me know and I will add it here.

Other Resources:
ME Fitness class descriptions and times –> here

What do you think?

Have you used this machine? Do you like it?
Would you try this?
What is your favorite fitness machine?

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