Coromega Challenge Accepted and GIVEAWAY

A few weeks ago I posted a review of Coromega’s delicious Omega 3 supplements. They not only taste better (as a matter of fact they are very tasty) than your traditional variations of Omega supplements, their patented emulsion process allows Coromega to be absorbed into your bloodstream 300% better than softgels.

Coromega is so sure of their claim that they invited me to take the Coromega 90 day challenge. I was given an Omega 3 test to check my levels, and I will take one tasty Coromega squeeze every day for 90 days. Afterwards, I will take the test again and see how my Omega levels have, presumably, risen. I will of course, share all the details here.

I will write a full post with updates along the way as soon as I receive my first test results.

Curious about Coromega’s amazing claim to make a product that not only works better but tastes better? Here’s your chance! They have offered to give one of my lucky followers a 90 day supply of the same yummy squeezes I received! You can take them straight from the tube or even mix them in a smoothie. I like to squeeze it into my fruity protein drink after my workout.

To enter, complete entries in the rafflecopter widget by clicking the link below, or on the FunkyFitnessPDX Facebook page!

Contest has ended! Congratulations Jordan D! Check your email for details.

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