Woohoo! Bulu Box 3

Today, after a very drawn out day at work, I came home to discover that my third Bulu box had arrived! Woohoo!

Bulu box is a subscription-based monthly box of health and wellness samples. It works out well because you get to try 4-5 new products every month for just $10. It can get expensive trying even a fraction of the products on the market right now. This way, the latest and greatest stuff is sent right to your door, with a significantly lower financial commitment.

If you would like to see what I got in my first box, you can read about that here.

I didn’t write about the second box because, well… I just wasn’t really that excited about the products. Not to say they weren’t good products; they were just mostly vitamin products and I’m not into gimmicky ways to get vitamins. I just take them in pill form and that suits me fine. If you’re intersted though, here’s what was in Box #2:

1. Immuno-Viva Defend + Energy
2. Probulin (Probiotics) : I did actually take these and they seemed to do their job pretty well.
3. Vplenish
4. Click Espresso Protein Drink: I don’t like coffee or coffee flavored anything so I gave these samples to my husband to try. He hasn’t tried them yet. I’ll update when he does.
5. [Bonus Item] Shower Pill – Athletic Body Wipe: This seems handy in concept but I haven’t had an instance where I wasn’t able to shower after a workout. If you’re a middle of the day worker-outer, this might be a cool product to try. I suppose I could open it and at least see if it smells good. But, later — Let’s focus on box number 3 now…


1. Hawaiian Coconut Energy:

“Sip the sweetness of coconut. Electrolyte-rich hydration, antioxidants, & vitamins provide natural energy without the crash”.
Initial thoughts: It curiously only lists the vitamins and caffeine under the ingredients. But no mention of flavorings or sweeteners. The website claims “ZERO CALORIES • ZERO CARBS • ZERO SUGARS • ZERO FAT”… so this either tastes horrible or they’re leaving something out. I’ll get back to you on that.

2. Eight Ball Neuro Edge:

“Refreshing for your mouth and your mind. The patented formula increases your mental focus and provides an energy boost.”
Initial thoughts: Basically a ton of B and other helpful vitamins. Sweetened with sucralose, though. Gross.
Tried it!: The “Red Energy” flavor smells like bubble gum and tastes like generic red-flavored drink with a strong bitter taste that fades after you swallow it. It effervesces and dissolves well. After a few minutes I did feel a little bit more awake and focused. I was happily surprised. I will not purchase this product because I didn’t enjoy the taste going down and generally do not consume sucralose on a regular basis.

3. Swanson Razberri-K:

“National talk show doctors are buzzing about this stimulant-free way to lose weight. rasperry Ketones curb the absorption of dietary fat and support lipolysis.”
Initial thoughts: First of all, what is a “talk show doctor”? Huh well, this seems like one of those things that we all hope isn’t a crock but usually turns out to be anyway. That being said, after I do more research to make sure it doesn’t have any funny side effects (’cause if your body doesn’t absorb the fat, where does it go? I think we’ve seen this before.) I’m going to give it an enthusiastic try. I have a dress to fit into in 3 weeks. Can’t hurt, right? Right…?

4. Athlete Octane Liquid Endurance Shot:

“Hold tight! this NSF certified endurance shot’s patent ingredients dramatically increase overall endurance, reduce recover and soreness.”
Initial thoughts: At first I was little worried that they sent me to the website for full dosing and ingredients, but it seems to be made of some pretty good stuff, and I didn’t even see caffeine. Definitely excited to try this one out.
Tried it!: Before I talk about the taste lets talk about the performance. I have taken this for the last couple days and it really seems to give me a good stamina boost. It would be worth trying out for a longer time frame. OK, lets talk taste. It does not taste good. But, it’s bearable. Worth it, I think. You can tell that they’ve attempted to cover it up with orange flavoring, but you are immediately overwhelmed with a very “sharp” taste. I don’t have anything to compare it with. It’s not sour and it’s not bitter. It’s shocking. It’s doable, like how you keep doing mouthwash even though it hurts. Anyway, I wouldn’t let it deter you from trying it. Just fair warning.

5. “Discovery Sample”:

A random surprise sample – I received Eight Ball Kinetic Energy:
Initial thoughts:
Based on the ingredients I would say its just another energy shot. Also, sweetened with sucralose.

So, this box seemed to be energy themed. I guess I have a lot of things to try while I ramp up my new workout plan over the next few weeks. I’ll write full reviews on the products that I particularly like, or especially don’t.

Or, if you really want to know more about one of these products, let me know in the comments and I’ll review it right away for you.

Get some:
If you would like more information or to try Bulu Box for yourself, you can check out their website.
What are your favorite energy products? Have you tried any of these, what do you think of them?

4 responses to “Woohoo! Bulu Box 3

  1. Let us know how the weight loss stuff plays out… would be interesting to see a log of what you feel while on it, too. Don’t make yourself sick! 🙂

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