Get Pounded! Rock out your Workout.

So, imagine this… Your favorite music is blasting. You’re drumming along and totally getting into it. Your eyes are closed as you feel the music through your body. Smiling from the inside and moving to music — nothing could be better. You open your eyes and remember you’re at the gym, in the middle of a POUND class!

Monday Morning, bright and early, I headed over to Crunch Fitness in Tigard to check out the debut jam session for the rockin’ new workout called “POUND. Rockout. Workout.” Armed with lightly-weighted, dayglow green specially designed drumsticks called RIPSTIX™, we drummed our way through a sweat set like no other!

Any workout can be set to music, but POUND is the only workout that puts you in charge of the music. In the same way your favorite song motivates you to power through the tail-end of the most grueling workout, POUND fuses the most challenging series of core, leg, and upper body conditioning moves with cardio interval training and most importantly, the fun (and distraction) of drumming.

I arrived early, not one to watch the show from backstage. It’s always front and center for this rockstar! After grabbing a spot with an exercise mat I got stretched out and watched the others arrive — everyone anxious to see what this new class was all about.

Three instructors led the class, allowing everyone to see and providing modifications for those who needed it. Similar to Zumba it’s a “follow-the-leader” style class. A slight learning curve for a couple of the more complicated pieces but easy to pick up after one time around. We were led through a variety techniques from Set, Kit, Lunge and T&A position, including Pounding, Bass Kicks, Disco Snares, Rainbows, lunges, twisting/jumping lunges (oh it burns so good!), and “T&A” Over the Head hip thrusts to get those hammies and glutes!  All the while those RIPSTIX™ keeping our minds on the music and off of our burning muscles, making for a raucous good time and effective workout!

via funkyfitnesspdx

via funkyfitnesspdx

The playlist is choreographed, so frequent students will get the moves down pat and really be able to work it. No need to worry about the workout getting stale though; as the class progresses, more songs and choreography are introduced to keep everyone on their rhythmic toes!

Concert meets cardio. That is POUND. In 45 minutes, the hand-selected, 12 song Poundtrack steals you away from reality. You are no longer in a gym. Pound transplants you into the middle of the most rowdy, exhilarating music experience and transforms you into a world-class rockstar, no matter your age, size or level of ability.

I had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it again! I was buzzing about it all morning, and by the afternoon my muscles were already starting to remind me that I woke them up early and gave them some lovin’. Like dancing, you forget all about your burning quads and quaking abs when you’re just feeling the tunes. When the songs end though, you will definitely feel your heart pounding and the sweat flowing. And, as a visual treat, it’s wicked cool to see everyone’s green sticks moving simultaneously over head.

Sure, there are plenty of workouts that incorporate music. But, this is the only on where you get to MAKE music. I definitely recommend you check out a class!

Update: (4/13) I love this workout so much I decided to get certified! The Funky Fit team spent all day Saturday getting Pounded by the Pound Girls themselves and each earned ourselves a shiny new set of Ripstix and Permission to Rock!

Pound Rockout Workout

So basically:
This cardio blastin’ group class gets you groovin’ while you pound the ground and rock your workout like never before.

Work it:
• Cardio
• Full body workout- Especially your tushy! Seriously, still feeling it days later.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
This class is great for guys and gals alike. Check with the participating gym for age restrictions for kids.

In general, make sure you’re healthy enough for rigorous exercise. However your Pound Pro will lead modifications for any fitness level!

Gear up:
You don’t need a thing. Just wear what you would normally wear to shake your groove thing. Mats and awesome green RIPSTIX™ are provided.

Get into it:

In the Portland, OR area check out:

Crunch – Beaverton
8585 SW Cascade Avenue
Beaverton, OR, 97008
(503) 227-8624
My Crunch Gym Review

Crunch – SE Division
12112 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97236

Crunch – Gresham
355 NE 223rd Ave.
Gresham, OR 97030

3602 NE Sandy Blvd,
Portland, Or 97232

Diva Den Studio
11959 SW Garden Place
Portland, OR 97223
My reviews of other Diva Den classes:
Kangoo Jumps

In Vancouver, WA check out:

Studio E Fitness
1311 NE 134th Street
Vancouver, WA 98685
(Bldg 2, Behind Shell Station)
(503) 227-8624

Don’t live in Portland? Never fear! Click HERE to find out where to get pounded in your area!
Connect with POUND:
Tweet it out @GetPOUNDED
Hit ’em up on

Other Resources:
Check out the POUND ladies on Access Hollywood:

Post Updated: 4/15/13 with corrected terminology and certification note.
Post Updated 5/4/13 with new locations!
Post Updated 9/25/13 with updated locations
Post Updated 6/12/14 with updated locations

Check out more about: Crunch Beaverton

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  4. Hey there!

    Thank you for mentioning our studio, PulsePDX. That’s awesome! We’d love for you to come down and try one of our nightclub fitness classes someday. Just let us know when you would want to visit.



    • Hey there! I’ve actually already been to your Cardio Funk and Bollywood classes! 🙂 I was meaning to sign up for your Pound preview but I didn’t get in in time. I’d love to come see your Pound class. I’ve seen your practice videos and it looks amazing! I actually certified for Pound with Josh. 🙂

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