Coromega Delicious Omega 3 | Review

The benefits of Omega 3 and fish oils are numerous. But the large pills, taste, and all too familiar “fish burps” are a road block for some. Enter Coromega flavored single-serve Omega 3 squeeze.

The majority of Americans are omega-3 deficient, which means most of us are losing out on healthier minds, hearts and bodies.

What’s different? Instead of taking a huge softgel, you get to slurp down a delicious smoothie-like orange flavored squeeze. Or, alternately it can be added to your smoothie or other fruity concoction.

I recently received a sample of Coromega in my Bulu Box. I take an omega supplement every day in softgel form, so I was intrigued to see how it would be to take my oil in squeeze form. The verdict: it really did taste good! It was a little oily but not a hint of fishiness. Though, instead of “fishy burps”, I did experience “fruity burps”. So, that side effect still exists, just with a more palatable flavor.

The little packets are also very convenient. No water is needed, so you can just grab a couple packets and throw them in your back pack or purse to enjoy on the go. Also great for kids; toss them in their lunch box or add to a snack. An easy way to get kids the benefits of Omega 3 with out them having to struggle with a pill or fishy liquid.

I did a little more research via their website. Their study-backed claim is that their patented emulsion process allows Coromega to be absorbed into your bloodstream 300% better than softgels, which is a definite advantage.

Coromega comes in various tasty flavors, in individual and Big Squeeze sizes. They also offer gummies for children and adults. Check out their online shop to see all their offerings.

If you want to try this tasty health-packaed squeeze for yourself, Coromega offers an instant $5 printable coupon on their website. I think it is definitely worth trying out. I whole-heatedly believe in and support the use of Omega 3 supplements and Coromega offers a fun and delicious way to make sure your whole family can enjoy those benefits!

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6 responses to “Coromega Delicious Omega 3 | Review

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    • Coromega is my favorite! It’s the purest there is and tastes so good and it works so much better than soft gel pills. And you don’t get the nasty fish burps that soft gels cause.

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