A box of healthful goodies : Bulu Box review

Woohoo! My Bulu Box came today! It was like a little present of fantastic little healthful goodies. I immediately sat down and opened the box to see what surprises I had received.

Bulu Box is a subscription based monthly sample box. Much like Birch box or others, except that the samples are specifically vitamins and supplements. You receive 4-5 samples containing enough to determine if the product is right for you. Then, if you like something, you can order it full size right from their website and earn special offers for future purchases.

I love this idea. Supplements are often very expensive and sometimes cost prohibitive, especially if I don’t know it’s going to work for me. And either way, it can get expensive to just keep trying things out. This way, all the work is done for me. They send me premium products to try and I can purchase what you like in full size. Or, if I don’t like something, it only cost me a few bucks.

So on to the big reveal. Here’s what I got in my box today:

(I will outline the products here with my initial thoughts and write individual reviews on them later

The shipping box was a little worse for wear, but it’s a shipping box. That’s expected. Inside, all the contents are wrapped in pretty orange tissue paper and on top sits a “WooHoo for Bulu” card, a product coupon, and a handy card with brief explanations of the products in the box.

1. Detour lower sugar whey Protein bar: “Up to 83% less sugar than the original Detour bar, with all of the body-shaping nutrition.”

Ok, when something says “less sugar”, the first thing I do is look at the ingredients to see what they replaced it with. Because most of the time, it’s a sugar substitute that’s just as bad for your body. Sure enough, it contains sucralose and sugar alcohols so if you don’t consume that kind of thing, this bar is not for you. I will probably try it to see how it tastes, but won’t purchase any more.

2. Coromega Omega3+D Squeeze: “Help ensure the health of your hears. Eat one yummy little packet alone or squeeze it into your favorite snack. Adios fish burps!”
There were four packets in my box. So, I think I’ll try these alone, and see how they do in smoothies and yogurts. They are sweetened with stevia extract and contain only 20 calories, which is about what my current capsule omegas have.

Update: Great Product – Read my full review here!

3. Ola Loa Energy Multivitamin Drink Mix: “Drink your vitamins! With refreshing effervescent deliver, your body will absorb 98% of the nutrients in Ola Loa. Stir into water or juice.”
First ingredient is Fructose. So, again something I won’t be consuming in large quantities but I’ll try it out. I already take a really good multivitamin (by “good” I mean, responsibly extracted from whole foods and is made to be most fully absorbed and useful), so this would be more of a tasty novelty for me. But, if you’re taking a drug store brand multi, or if they make your stomach hurt, this could be good for you. I’ll try them to see how they taste.

4. Green Tea Hawaii: “Looking for natural energy? When stirred (not shaken) into water, Green Tea HAWAII give you the full benefits of 70 regular cups of green tea in just two little packets.”
Intriguing. I don’t like tea so I don’t drink it. Though, I do acknowledge the health benefits of teas. Hopefully the pineapple strawberry flavor will help me enjoy those benefits. Contains Xzylatol (which is had been deemed as one of the new miracle sweeteners, but still is technically a sugar alcohol) and Sucralose.

Update: Tried it. The taste was ok. There was a definite bitter aftertaste but I can’t tell if it’s from the green tea or the artificial sweetener. Not my favorite tasting thing, but if you like green tea you might like it better.

5. Pure Matters Vitamin D: “Gentle rays of sun on your body produce a vitamin that has profound benefits. Our need for vitamin D increases as we age but we don’t always get enough. Avoid health issues by taking your Vitamin D.”
If you live in the PNW you are probably at least slightly Vitamin D deficient. As a designer I appreciate the pretty packaging. I take vitamin D at night because it very oddly makes me lethargic. (I don’t know why, I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’ve looked into it and I’m not the only one who experiences this.)

Update: I’ve been taking this for a while now. At night because, like I said above, vitamin D makes me sleepy. But, I like that it is obviously free of dyes and binders, and the capsule is very small and easy to take. If you’re looking for a vitamin D supplement I would recommend you give this one a try.

So, that’s it. I guess I’m a little disappointed that almost everything had some kind of sugar substitute. I personally try  to consume minimal processed sugar and definitely steer away from most sugar substitutes.  I look forward to seeing what comes next month. I’m hoping to see more natural products in the mix. I purchased myself a three month “gift”, just to try it for a little while. I guess I’m sampling the sample box concept. Look for my individual product reviews coming up, and another unboxing next month.

Get started with your own Bulu Box, here.

Do you Bulu? What do you think of your samples? Do you subscribe to other sample boxes? What do you think?

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