Little bits of algea, supercharged energy : energybits review and discount code

“Superfoods” are the big thing right now. But, spirulina algae may well be a super-duper food. Yeah, I just made that up, but I think it’s accurate if all the claims to fame are true. I will admit, I was skeptical. I’ve tried a lot of supplements; this and that which promise energy and blahdy blah. This one was a little bit different though. The company EnergyBits, took great care to make sure it was seen as food, and not a pill.

EnergyBits are little green pill-shaped bits of pure spirulina algae. The algae have an abundance of reported health benefits.

(From the EnergyBits website)

It is the richest source of protein in the world (60% – 70%), has more beta carotene, more antioxidants, more iron than any other food  and is second only to mothers milk in its concentration of GLA – an essential fatty acid that is critical to brain health and behaves like an Omega 3. Spirulina is also rich in all the B vitamins, all the electrolytes and other minerals you need to be healthy, including zinc.

Spirulina Health Benefits

– Helps stop fatigue
– Helps stop Hunger
– Helps with Weight Loss
– Helps stop Cravings
– Provides Physical Energy
– Provides Mental Wake up
– Helps Improve Athletic Performance
– Helps Build Muscle
– Helps Lower Cholesterol
– Helps Lower Blood Pressure
– Healthy High Protein Snack
– Aids wellness and longevity
– Great replacement for animal protein or greens
– Helps strengthen skin, hair, nails and bones

They say you can chew them, like nuts, but that they are an acquired taste so you could swallow them, like pills. Of course I was curious so I chewed one. It didn’t really taste like anything. Just kind of green, and a little salty. Not terrible. However, it turned into a sticky messy paste and if you were to chew the recommended serving of 30 all in once sitting you would have a big green mess in your mouth. So, I think it’s best to just swallow them any way. I was able to do it in three rounds. Maybe they could be ground up in some kind of smoothie?

So, right before my class at the gym started I downed 30 little green algae bits. I gotta say… I had a ridiculously good workout that night. I had a ton of energy but I felt focused and my muscles felt strong and didn’t get fatigued. I wanted to push everything harder. It felt really good. I did a conditioning class and then a Muay Thai class for a total of two hours of great energy. I was even still feeling quite chipper long after class, well into the night. But, unlike caffeine, I was able to konk right out when I was ready for bed.

I also tested out their claim to curb your appetite. I was thinking, “How is a handful of ‘pills’ going to keep my stomach from growling?” I took some around 10am (mostly because I was feeling foggy and cranky so I thought I’d just see if these little guys could help), about 30 minutes before my morning carrots and string cheese snack. And, come snack time, I wasn’t even thinking about food. I wasn’t even thinking about food at 12:30 when I decided I should eat some lunch. Now, I’m not saying that it “filled me up” but, it makes sense that all those nutrients and the bit of extra protein probably helped to stabilize my blood sugar, and help my mood and my brain. All of which will keep you from feeling snacky when your stomach isn’t actually empty.

So, I’m at least intrigued. The sample I received was enough for two full servings and some change. I think I’ll give it a go for a while it seems very promising. The company also makes RecoveryBits, VitalityBits, and SkinnyBits.


Since this review I’ve started taking them regularly and LOVE them. I take energybits before and recoverybits after every workout and most definitely notice if I forget. Also good as a protein and high quality vitamin source.

Want some? Use code “funkyfitbits” to save 30% off in their online store!

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  2. I got a free sample a few months back and love them. Just ordered some and used your discount code. THANKS SO MUCH!!

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