Zombies, Run! Ultra immersive running game

Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. [It delivers] the story straight to your headphones through orders and voice recordings – and when you get back home, you use the supplies you’ve collected while running to build and grow your base.

I started the app and looked around to see where the helicopters were, before realizing they were coming from my headphones! I laughed at myself and started to run. I’m being spoken to by the helicopter pilot and radio operator, asking me about my mission, about which I apparently know nothing. Suddenly, something goes amiss and we’re headed down! Somehow I’ve survived and I have one way communication with a frazzled, yet charming-sounding radio operpetrator on the ground. I’m instructed to run as a hoard of zombies is headed my way. Once in the clear I’m given my first mission. Get to the base. But, I must make a detour for supplies or else I won’t be allowed in. (I laughed out loud at this part, “Really!?” I said, confusing the real runner I was passing on the track at the time.) Along the way, in between my running music (music is optional),  an engaging story unfolds. My first mission is to make it to the base and collect some desperately needed supplies along the way. As I get nearer I start to pick up items which will be used later in the game. Then suddenly, I hear them. The Zombies! Their breathing growing louder. The guiding voices urge me to run faster. 20 meters, 40 meters… Zombies evaded! Whew!

You can choose from an apx 30 or 60 minute mission. Once you have completed your  mission and return home (your real home) you get to distribute the items you collected to different areas of the base, growing it and unlocking new missions.

This truly engaging app takes motivation to a whole new level. You have the encouragement of your team, urging you forward and guiding you through you mission, with the added incentive of hot zombie breath at your back. And, it keeps you engaged from session to session by laying out an ever-evolving story line. What will happen next? What will I pick up this time? As the radio operator is describing my surroundings, I found myself looking around. As if to find the things he was talking about. Then when the zombies come, the feeling of being chased is kind of real. I definitely felt the urgency of it and willingly picked up the pace. Not mention that you’re being told to, “RUN!” But, just in case the zombie chases freak you out a little, or you just don’t feel like sprinting, you can turn them off in the settings.

I had my husband test it out also, and as we were walking home after successfully evading our individual hoards of zombies, we started discussing what items we had been able to collect. I think he ended up with  more batteries than I did. But, I did get two mobile phones and lots of first aid kits.

New functionality is being added and available in new updates. RunKeeper integration is coming soon as well. You can find out more and download the app for any OS from their website http://www.zombiesrungame.com/

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