ViewSPORT Shirts Turn Perspiration into Motivation : Review

Ok guys, this is pretty neat. Albeit novel, still very cool and I love it. ViewSPORT shirts and tank tops have a message hidden in the fabric which becomes visible when you sweat —turning your perspiration into motivation. The messages differ depending on the design. From “Train Harder”, “Chase Me”, to my personal favorite “I am a beast”.

I was very excited to receive my shirts, which were delivered very quickly. They seem to be well made and the fabric is very soft and perfectly stretchy cotton.  The women’s tanks are a little bit sheer, but for me the thinner material is welcomed when working out hard. The men’s shirts are thicker but not so thick as to be stifling.

The sun was out yesterday so we took them on a test run, literally. We took our matching “beast mode” shirts a few miles around a nearby track and worked up enough sweat to view our motivational quips. Well, for my husband at least. I apparently, don’t sweat in the right places. The message on the tanks are very low on the tail of the shirt so my pants absorbed most of the moisture. The men’s shirt has the message across the shoulders and hubby quite effectively activated his.

PRE-run : Please forgive my sunburn lines.

POST Run – Hubby is a beast!

Besides the messages, I found myself working harder in an attempt to sweat more so I could make it show up. That’s some good motivation, right there.

I think next weekend I will try my shirt again at a dance class. I’m always working up a good sweat in those two hours.

So, overall I love these shirts. They are comfortable, super cute, and make me want to work harder so I can show everyone what I’m made of. I hope they come out with more styles and messages. Like, maybe dance or Muay Thai themed….Hint hint, ViewSPORT. 😉

ViewSPORT shirt are available in several designs for Men, Women, and even children. And, custom shirts are available with a minimum order of 48 pieces. The site states that the messages should last 50+ wash and dry cycles. (I looked into it, because I know you were wondering that. You’re welcome.)

New styles are coming in all the time! SAVE 10%  with code “funkyfit10off! Go to!

See all the Viewsport shirts for men, women, and kids:

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44 responses to “ViewSPORT Shirts Turn Perspiration into Motivation : Review

  1. I found this on Pinterest and bought my shirt right away! I can’t wait to get it. Thanks for the coupon code 🙂

  2. Those shirts look awesome! I was just wondering about sizing, are they true to what your usual size is? I just didn’t want to end up getting one thats too big or too small. Thanks!

    • There is a sizing chart on the website. I feel like they were pretty true to size. The tanks are pretty stretchy, though a little sheer. My husband usually wears medium and his medium shirt seemed to fit well. I can’t really comment on my tank because I don’t have a preference between snug and loose. I feel like it felt fine. Hope that helps.

    • I just got mine in the mail today. I ordered a Medium, and it fits great. I suggest you size up if you want a looser fit. I typically wear smalls or mediums in workout tanks, and I’m really glad I went with a M for this particular style.

  3. Are you able to use the 15% off and free shipping in the same order? Once I put “viewport” it doesn’t give me the option to add free shipping.

  4. Hey, what size does your hubby wear? I want to get the shirt as a gift but want an indication of sizes? 🙂

  5. Please could you let me know what size you are wearing? I need roughly the same size and it would be very useful as I’m ordering from the UK so won’t be able to exchange and our UK sizes are slightly different usually. Thanks!

  6. Found this on Pinterest. Very cool. Not sure about the girls ones having the sweat words only on the lower back…..I’m thinking mine wouldn’t show up even with the crazy work outs we do.

  7. Saw this and ordered one immediately! I LOVE the idea of this! If they fit well and work I will definitely be back for more!

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