Zero-Impact Calorie Blaster: Kangoo Jumps

The minute I found out about a fitness class that attaches springs to your feet, I jumped (pun intended) online to sign up. “Kangoo Jumps” look like the boot from an inline skate with two leaf springs attached to the bottom. The thought of these goofy, yet insanely fun-looking shoes, had me hopping with excitement.

I arrived at class plenty early with an abundance of anticipation and was met by Monica and her team. Right away she had me fitted and was showing me the proper way to enter and exit the boot. Before standing I was almost certain that I would be falling right back down but, to my surprise, they were remarkably stable. At first I had to pace slightly to keep from rocking about, but after a couple of pointers I was able to stand still allowing my core to do all the work. “Well, there’s a workout for ya…”, I proudly proclaimed. “The more you hold still, the better the workout!”

The other students arrived one by one and I watched everyone timidly rise to their feet with a little help, take a few wobbly steps, smile and giggle with delight, then take their first proud bouncing steps. Nearly everyone had their phones out, posting pictures of themselves to Facebook and Twitter.

After everyone was situated we hopped along into the classroom and started bouncing along to music, the ‘clickity-clack’ of the boot keeping time to the rhythm. We bounced, ran, skipped, lunged, and danced along with our instructor. It’s literally impossible to keep a straight face while doing this exercise. Rebounding releases endorphins, instantly picking up your mood —just one of over 30 health benefits.

People who rebound find they are able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous. The effect is not just psychological, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity, without trauma to the musculoskeletal system, is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises ever developed.

Rebounding is instant cardio with zero impact. It works your arms, glutes, thighs, hips and core,  increases agility and more. For our first class we were advised to only stay in the shoes for 15 minutes because we would be activating muscles we weren’t used to using. The non-impact, energizing workout is easy to over-do the first time. However, due to the excitement of the class, I do believe we went nearly 30 minutes. I was definitely feeling it by the time we were done. My heart rate was up and I could feel all my muscles activating. I felt really worked but full of energy. I will be jumping in next week, for sure.

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So basically:
The spring-loaded boots used in this high energy class, will have you jumping for joy while blasting calories and minimizing impact on your joints.

Work it:
Arms, core, legs, hips, plus many many more health benefits.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
Kangoo Jumps are for everyone! However, the class I attended as at a Women’s-only gym. But fear not! You can purchase your own Kangoo Jumps and hop around where ever you’d like!

Kangoo Jumps are possibly the easiest on your body of any workout device. But standard disclaimer: know your body, check with a physician and all that good, safe stuff.

Gear up:
There are some shoes to borrow at the studio ( don’t forget to BYO tall socks), however it is encouraged that you buy your own if you plan to continue the class or just want to have fun on your own. The liners conform to your feet making your Kangoo Jumps fit your feet like a pair of bunny slippers. They are well worth the investment and are made to last for years. You can purchase them online, or if you take classes at Diva Den, you can get them at a special discounted price directly from Monica McKenna at 1-503-853-2518 or email

Get into it:
Diva Den will have Kangoo Jumps classes every Monday at 7:30, through July 2012. Online registration is recommended as the class is limited to 15 people. If the class is popular they will keep it on their regular schedule.

Diva Den
11959 SW Garden Place Building 8
Portland, OR 97223
Map It!


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