Pole fit body conditioning

“I’m sure gonna feel that in the morning.” is not something I say very often any more. But, man is that statement true today! Diva Den’s Pole Fit Body Conditioning class is one of the more challenging strength classes I’ve taken in a while. And that’s because it uses a tool that I’ve never used before —a dancers pole.

A whole new world of possibilities opens up when you integrate something that lets you hold your torso completely sideways, challenge your upper body, and create dynamic exercises not easily achieved with standard “exercise equipment”.

Now, while Diva Den does have a pole series with full on sassy walks and upside down sexy poses; this is not that class. This is a straight up body conditioning class. And, and an effective one to boot.

No need to be a pole student to take this class! This is an all levels, but hard core kick your butt style conditioning class! No sexy moves here! 45 minutes is all you need. You’ll get toned, tightened and sculpted! Targeting your whole body with emphasis on upper body, abs, back and of course the booty!

Diva Den is a women’s-only boutique fitness & dance facility in Tigard which focuses on “fun, flirty fitness.” They have classes ranging from Pole, to aerial yoga, to tushy and arm concentrated classes. Everyone will find something they love here. And they’re always adding new class, so you’ll never get bored. And, since there are no guys here there is absolutely no reason to be intimidated. (They even dim the lights for you, creating a cozy disco-ball-lit ambiance.) So, all you divas can strut right in and enjoy your funky workout with confidence.

So basically:
This is a class that uses a dancers pole, but its not a “pole class”. You will use the pole as a tool but don’t worry if you’re not ready to strut your stuff. This class is just about strength, not sass.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
Diva Den is a Women’s-only facility. Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies.

Just the standard disclaimers here. Know your body; be careful if you have injuries. But, this is an all level class and modifications are made so you can work where you’re able while still getting a great workout.

Gear up:
No special equipment is needed for this class, just your typical athletic wear. Tight fitting is best, but just be comfortable for this class.

Get into it:
Diva Den Studio


11959 SW Garden Place
Portland, OR 97223

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