Flip out with Tricking

Meet Cyrus. His aerodynamic mohawk defies gravity and seemingly grants magical powers to its wearer who is flying ——— head over heels over elbows ——— through the air to land squarely with a triumphant, “Ah ha!” His charismatic charm is apparent as his always-present smile patiently guides youngsters and adults on their quest to fly.

Have you ever wanted to fly? Do you fancy yourself a super hero? Then perhaps you should try tricking. Its part martial arts, part acrobatics, and part gymnastics. Don’t be too intimidated, however. These fun and challenging classes, ramp up from ground level beginner to elite classes — when you’re ready of course. The fun and engaging instructors will guide you safely through your first butterfly kick, and have you attempting a b-twist in your very first class. You will be challenged to try new exciting explosive elements each class, but you can certainly learn to fly at your own pace. Watching the elite trickers is certainly an inspiring treat. But, they understand that they were once baby starlings just like you and me, and are always willing to help.

My first tricking class was on whim. “Sure!” I thought. “Why not? I might be terrible, but it looks like a blast!” And, I was right. On both counts. I was terrible, and it was a blast. I’m told I have an unfortunate case of ‘self preservation’ —as Cyrus puts is. The trick to tricking, apparently, is to be a little bit fearless.

Despite my lack of fearlessness, this is still one of my favorite classes. I unfortunately haven’t been able to go as of late, but writing this article is reminding me of the rush, albeit brief, between take-off an hitting the mat where I I’m flying. I got off the ground, first step complete. Maybe I’ll land, maybe I wont, in this moment I’m screaming (on the inside) and laughing and hopeful.  Then, I pick myself up, look to the instructor for a pointer, and skip or chasse to the end of the line to try it again.

Everyone starts here. And one day, as they’re pulling their first successful b-twist, they look back at all they’ve accomplished and are eager for more.

Check out this awesome special video the Greater than Gravity team put together. I know these guys… yup, I’m cool like that.

So basically:
This exciting acrobatic class will have you flying through the air with the grace and precision of a streamlined ninja — with practice, of course.

Work it:
• Core
• Legs
• Glutes
• Back
• Cardio

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…
Men, Women, and Kids (with instructor approval) are all welcome at tricking class.

You will be attempting to make your body do crazy things it’s not used to, in mid air. There is a good chance you will hit the mats, many times. If you have injuries or joint issues you should take caution.

Gear up:
For this class all you will need is athletic clothing that is easy to move in. Hoods and super baggy clothing may get caught up while throwing yourself in the air, so be thoughtful of that when picking out your trickiest duds. But, no special gear is required. This class is done barefoot on a sprung floor and mats so you don’t even need to worry about shoes.

Get into it:
Aim High Martial Arts
16205 NW Bethany Ct. #100
Beaverton OR 97006
New Student Admissions page

12:00 pm – Elite Tricking
1:00 pm – Beginner Tricking Level One
1:45 pm – Int/Advanced Tricking Level Two

Other Resources:
Greater than Gravity
Team Loopkicks

Does this sound fun? You might also like: Night Flight Aerial


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